The World Renowned Nose – Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

The Terrible Life of the Long-nosed One
  • An ordinary kitchen worker’s life became extraordinary when his nose started growing in length.
  • Before that, he was an unknown kitchen worker and he only wanted to eat, sleep and inhale a lot of snuff.
  • His nose grew longer, and reached the level of his navel still he did not care about it because he could still inhale snuff without any difficulty.
  • But he was dismissed from his job at the kitchen.
  • No one, no political party came forward questioning this injustice.
  1. What do you know about the protagonist/main character of the story?
    The protagonist of the story is a humble, illiterate man not particularly known for his intelligence. His kitchen was his world and he was not particularly bothered about what happened outside it. His daily routine had nothing special about it. He cooked, ate, took a good pinch of snuff, slept, woke up and cooked again.
  2. Was the man happy with his life?
    The man in the story appears to be a happy man because anyone whose dreams are few and follows a routine is said to be happy with his life. Even though his mother came to collect his wages, he was happy that he could earn for his family in the first place and got his favorite snuff in the second. Day in and day out he continued to live out this monotonous/boring routine and was quite content/happy with it.
  3. What happened in the man’s routine life?
    Something happened that changed the man’s life for ever – his nose began to grow in length. It grew so long that it reached his naval and went further down. This curious phenomenon brought a large number of visitors to see him. The man was soon called the long-nosed one and he became a political figure who made decisions and rose in power and wealth.
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  • The long-nosed man soon became a celebrity.
  • Photographers and news reporters came to see him.
  • Some of his ‘fans’ even stole things from his house.
  • Soon he had no money to even buy snuff.
  • His mother started driving people away from his hut.
  • Then they tried to bribe the mother to let them see the long nose.
  • His income grew day by day and he became a millionaire in six years.
  • He became a celebrity. He acted in three films including ‘The Human Submarine’.
  • Poets wrote epic poems about him. Whenever something important happened, the newspapers published his comments.
  • He started commenting about everything in the world.
  • The government awarded him the title, ‘Chief among the Long-nosed Ones’.
  • Different political parties wanted him to join their parties.
  1. Good fortune dawned on the mother and son after that day! How did fortune turn good for the mother and son?
    One day the son called his old mother aside and told her to get the visitor out and shut the door. As the mother did so, visitors began to bribe the mother to get an opportunity to see the long-nosed one. Although some upholders of justice protested against this corruption, the government did not take any action. Thus, the mother and son began to earn an income that rose in a couple of days.
  2. How did the long-nosed one’s life change in six years?
    The income of the long-nosed one grew day by day. In six years the poor cook became a millionaire. He acted thrice in films such as ‘The Human Submarine.’ Six poets wrote epic poems about the noble qualities of the long nosed one. Nine well-known writers wrote biographies of the long-nosed one and won wealth and acclaim. His princely abode was also a guesthouse open to all. Anyone at any time could get a meal there; and a sniff of snuff.
  3. How did the long-nosed become popular in social media?
    The long-nosed one gave his opinion on important world events. Newspapers published his comments. When an aeroplane with a speed of 10,000 miles an hour had been built, the long-nosed one made a comment which went widespread. He also made a speech on Doctor Bundros Furasiburose’s bringing a dead man to life. When people heard that the highest peak in the world had been scaled, they sought the long-nosed one’s opinion. The public preferred to believe only that the long-nosed one supported. Any subject was considered complete when the long-nosed one supported that. Painting, the watch trade, mesmerism, photography, the soul, publishing house, the writing of novels, life after death, the conduct of newspapers and hunting bore the long-nosed one’s purity certificate.
  4. What for were conspiracies to capture the long-nosed one hatched?
    Like any other capture in the history, the long-nosed one also was wanted for capture. The popularity of the long-nosed one was the chief reason for this capture. Although he was once unwanted and useless, his growth to fame was looked upon as promising for the government.
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