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The Throne of Vikramaditya

  1. Write the character sketch of King Vikramaditya.
    King Vikramaditya was one of the most powerful and greatest of Indian Kings. He was a very just and kind king. He was so wise that he treated his subjects equally and never passed a cruel law. His judgments were always just.
  2. How did the throne seem magical?
    The throne seemed magical to everyone because the cowherd boy who sat on a mound above the throne was able to pass extraordinarily wise judgments. The throne had twenty four garuda statues holding it and they were able to speak wisely whenever the king approached the throne. Another reason why the throne appeared magical was that it magically flew away from the king’s court.
  3. Describe the throne of Vikramaditya.
    The throne of Vikramaditya was made of black marble. It was supported by twenty four statues of garudas.
  4. Why did the king fast and pray for three days?
    When the king of Ujjain approached the throne of Vikramaditya, the garudas that supported the throne warned him that he should be as kind and worthy as King Vikramaditya himself to be allowed to sit in the throne. Seeing that he was cruel and unworthy, the king decided to fast and pray to make himself worthy.

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