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The Scholarship Jacket – Marta Salinas

Opening – A Tradition
  • Texas – One of the states of the USA
  • Tradition – An old practice repeated by people
  • Eighth Grade – Similar to class 8 under CBSE. 13 – 14 years. It is the last year of Middle School
  • Graduation – The passing out of the Middle School and entering High School.
  • Vaedictorian – A Grade 8 student, top-scorer in all grades since the first, who has been chosen to deliver a farewell speech.
  1. What was the tradition carried out by the Texas school during the eighth grade graduation?
    The tradition carried out by the school during the eighth-grade graduation was the awarding of a very special jacket to the top grader throughout the eight grades. The jacket used to be a beautiful one, green and gold in color. It had a big golden S letter on the left-front of it and the awardee’s name written in gold letters stuck to its pocket.
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