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The Pickwick Club – Charles Dickens

The Pickwickians
  1. Who was Samuel Pickwick? Where did he live? What was special about the time he was alive?
  2. What was the discovery that made Mr. Pickwick famous?
  3. What was the Pickwick Club?
    The Pickwick Club was a club found by friends of Mr. Samuel Pickwick
  4. What did the Pickwickians ask Mr. Pickwick to do? What did they hope from that?
    The Pickwickians asked Mr. Pickwick to
  5. Write a character sketch of Mr. Tracy Tupman.
  6. Mr. Tracy Tupman was highly romantic but he was still disappointed. Why?
  7. Why did Mr. Winkle’s father request Mr. Pickwick to take his son along?
  8. What did Mr. Winkle brag about himself? What effect did his bragging on his friends?
  9. Who was Augustus Snodgrass? What was the unknown side of Mr. Snodgrass?
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