The Neighbor – Sirgun Srivastava

A few Questions and Answers

  1. Briefly describe the situation.
    It was a scene of communal violence followed by some group killing someone in the other end of the town. There were so many drunken men with weapon and they went from house to house killing people in cold blood.
  2. Why did the girl start to pray?
    The girl saw the angry mob coming to her house. She had no one but her aged grandfather to seek help from but he was too weak to do anything. She had no other relative and her own neighbors were now her enemies so she started to pray.
  3. “Do not worry, bitia-rani,” he whispered, “God is with us. Whatever happens, it is his will.” What was the effect of this reassurance upon the girl?
    The grandfather’s reassurance intensified the little girl’s fears. She felt helpless and forsaken.
  4. Why did the girl think she and her grandfather were being unfairly revenged?
    The girl and her grandfather had no share in the murders that happened. They were peace loving people and they had no communal feelings or beliefs.
  5. How did the grandfather explain the nature of communal violence?
    The grandfather believed that a communal violence is stirred by brutal and narrow-minded people. They are ruthless fanatics and have guilt to kill. They are not lead by right people or right reasons. What lead them is frustration and personal grievances against the society or a community or the government.
  6. Where did the girl and her grandfather live?
    The girl and her grandfather lived in a small, simple cement house, built between dull-looking, similar building on either side. There was a tiny patch of grass between the old and broken wooden gate and the front door. A row of pink and yellow gladioli plants, all neatly tied to sticks, stretched along the boundary wall.
  7. Who was Tutu? What made the girl wish if Tutu were there?
    Tutu was the eighteen-year-old son of the girl’s neighbor. He was a good, educated boy. He was not bound by narrow thinking. The girl liked Tutu. She admired him. She believed that Tutu would not let them die.




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