The Golden Swan and a Greedy Woman

There once lived greedy woman. All she had was a leaking house near the jungle and two little daughters. In the jungle lived a swan with golden feathers. The swan saw the miserable life of the mother and her daughters. The swan felt so much pity for them that it let the woman take one of her golden feathers every week.

Soon the woman and her daughters had enough money to live a happy life. One day the woman told her daughters that she was going to take all the golden feathers off the swan. The innocent daughters requested their mother not to be greedy but their mother didn’t listen. The next time the swan visited them, the woman caught it and plucked all its feathers. Suddenly the golden feathers changed color and became ordinary feathers.

The swan escaped from the greedy woman. It ran away from the greedy woman, very sad and greatly hurt. The greedy woman realized her mistake. She felt sorry but she never saw the swan again.

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