Story Writing – Ants and the Grasshopper


Some ants and a grasshopper – ants work hard – store food for winter – grasshopper idles away his time – winter arrives – snow everywhere – ants happy in their homes – eat stored food – grasshopper hungry – no food – he begs the ants for food – ants ask, “what did you do all summer?” – grasshopper replies, “I was singing all summer…” – ants say – “if you sang all summer, you can dance all winter…” – the grasshopper learns a lesson from this – ants take pity on the grasshopper – invite the grasshopper to eat.

Ants and the Grasshopper

There lived in an anthill hundreds of ants on the banks of Yamuna. All the ants were hardworking. Every morning they started collecting food grains from the nearby paddy field. Near the anthill there lived a lazy grasshopper. He was so lazy that he hopped from plant to plant and leaves to leaves all day and slept all night. That summer was hotter and drier than the previous years so the ants worked harder to store food. When the grasshopper saw the ants gathering grains and nuts, he teased them and sang songs teasing them. The summer gave way to winter and all the ants disappeared into their homes. The winter was too cold and the grasshopper could not find anything to eat. Hungry, he went to the ants and begged them to give him some food. “What did you do during the summer when we were busy gathering grains?” asked the ants. “I was singing,” the grasshopper said. “Well,” said the ants, “then go and dance too!”

The grasshopper realized his mistake. He understood the importance of hard work. He bent his head and walked away from the anthill. Seeing the grasshopper’s condition, the ants called him back and gave him enough food for that winter. The grasshopper thanked them and said that he would never waste his time.

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