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Skills3 Syllabus – Main Page

Your child’s first school online!

What is Skills3 Syllabus

Skills3 is a syllabus designed for the 21st century primary school students from 4 years to 10 years. Skills3 focuses on Languages, Mathematics and Common Sense. We believe that children should not be taught anything other than these 3 skills, at a very basic level.

  • How many of you send your children to a school at the age of 3 and 4 because you really wanted to?
  • You send your 3 year old to school because everyone else is doing so!
  • This is a social injustice.

Burden of education is a child labor! If you love your kids, please stand with Skills3 to fight this global evil.

Skills3 Syllabus Details

1 Languages 2 Mathematics 3 Common Sense
English Addition General Knowledge
German Subtraction Moral Science
French Multiplication Brain Skills
Hindi Division Social Commitments

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The Third Level – Jack Finny

Malayalam to English 1