Rocks and Minerals – CBSE Class 5 (Pearls 2)

Short Answers
  1. What are rocks made of?                                                                                
     Rocks are made of minerals. 
  2. What are minerals?
    A mineral is a natural non-living substance.
  3. What is slate commonly used for? 
    Slate is used to make slates and blackboards.
  4. Name two valuable non-metallic minerals.
    Coal and petroleum are valuable non-metallic minerals.
  5. Name any two places in India where coal mines are situated. 
    Two places where coal mines are situated in are Singrauli (Madhya pradesh) and Talcher (Odisha) 
Answer the Questions
  1. How are igneous rocks formed?
    Igneous rocks are formed by the cooling and hardening of hot liquid rock material. Some of it cools and hardens below the surface of the earth while flow out on the earth’s surface and then hardens above the ground.
  2. Write two uses of limestone.
    Limestone is used for making bricks and glass, and for separating pure iron metal from its ores. 
  3. What are fossils? In which type of rock are they found?
    Fossils are traces of ancient plants or animals like shells, bones of animals, prints of leaves or foot prints are found in sedimentary rocks.

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