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Return to Air – Ann Philippa Pearce

  1. How did old chaps and little children use the pond? (2 marks)
  2. Who are allowed to swim on the deeper side of the pond? (1 mark)
    Only those who knew how to swim safely were allowed to swim on the deeper side of the pond.
  3. Why was the narrator always allowed to swim without any conditions? (1 mark1)
    The narrator was allowed to swim in the pond without any conditions because the instructors were sure that she, being a fat girl, would not drown in the water.
  4. Why was the narrator not interested in diving although she was allowed to do so? (2 marks)
    … glasses…. take off …. Can’t see…
  5. “And they stopped nagging about it long ago.”
    1. Who are ‘they?’
    2. About what did they use to nag?
  6. When do ducks start duck-diving?
  7. Why did the narrator’s friends and instructors insist on her practicing duck-diving?
    They insisted that the narrator learn duck-dive to train her to rescue in case someone drowned in the water.
  8. How did the instructors train the narrator in duck-dive?
    The narrator had to dive down the bottom of the pond and pick up a brick that the instructors had thrown in. slowly they trained her to lift heavier objects and then people.
  9. What is duck-diving?
    Duck-diving is a way of swimming by which the swimmer puts head under water and bottom up while diving underwater.
  10. Why did the instructor ask Sausage to go after the brick?
    The instructor asked Sausage to follow the brick so that she could get it before it got settled in the mud.
  11. Why was a white flannel tied round the brick?
    An old white flannel was tied round the brick to make it visible to Sausage.
  12. Why did the instructor ask everyone else to come out of the water before Sausage dived?
  13. What did Sausage feel when the instructor threw the brick over her head?
    When the instructor threw the brick over Sausage’s head, she saw it drop and water splash. Suddenly Sausage was filled with terror. She lost her confidence. She began to doubt if she would up-end.
  14. How did water appear to Sausage while she was diving?
    Thick greeny-brown lemonade… wispy little things moving around in it… maybe things, maybe the movement of water… hard to tell.
  15. What does Sausage mean by the funny thing about swimming underwater?
    1. No sunlight
    2. No Still, quiet
    3. No shouting
    4. No splashing
    5. Only shade.
  16. How did water change colour as Sausage went down?
    1. Thick greeny-brown lemonade
    2. Green-brown
    3. Dark blackish-brown.
    4. Brown-black
    5. Green-brown
    6. Bright lemonade
    7. Brown-black
  17. What did Sausage do once she got hold of the brick?
  18. Why was Sausage scared while shooting herself upward?
    1. She had spent much time under water
    2. She would come up where people were fishing with hooks and lines
    3. One of the hooks pierce her cheeks
    4. That she would never reach the surface of the water.
  19. Do you think Sausage is a strong character? Why do you think so?
    1. She was determined
    2. She was scared but did not lose hope
  20. What did Sausage lift up from the mud?
    Sausage lifted an old tin box from the mud.
  21. How did Sausage miss the brick?
    1. The real brick had a white flannel around it.
    2. The tin box had no flannel.
    3. Sausage thought that the flannel had gone loose from the brick.
    4. It was dark.
    5. The tin box was heavy and slimy.
    6. The tin box was rectangular as a brick.
    7. She was scared and was in a hurry.
  22. In your opinion, how did the tin box get there?
    1. Probably it was a tiffin box used by the old chaps who used to fish in the pond.
    2. Maybe it was a bait-box.
    3. It must have dropped in the fishing area and was later moved to the swimming end.
  23. Why is the story titled ‘Return to Air?’
  24. Why does sausage say that she would live to be a hundred?

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