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When Wishes Come True – Rabindranath Tagore

This is the story of a father who wished to go back to his childhood and a son who wished to grow as old as his father. Did their wishes come true?

Questions & Answers

  1. “But people are not always true to their names.” Is this statement true about Sushil and Subal? Explain.
    Yes, the names of Susheel and Subal do not do justice to the two people who bear those names. Sushil means ‘well-behaved’ but the real Sushil in the story is not well-behaved. On the contrary, he is an impish child who told lies to his father. Similarly, Subal means ‘very strong. He has a very weak body and is suffering from rheumatism.
  2. Why was Subal not able to correct Sushil?
    Sushil was so naughty that he drove the entire neighborhood crazy. Although Subal tried to punish the young boy, Sushil always got away because Subal was too weak to run after the quick-paced Sushil. Whenever Subal tried to slap the boy, Sushil easily escaped his father’s unsteady blows.
  3. Was Subal a good father? Give reasons to support you answer.
    No, Subal was not a very good father although he shows some raw traits of a good father. The relation between the father and son doesn’t seem to be very healthy. Subal’s methods of punishing his son appears rude and cruel. He should not have resorted to beating all the time.
  4. Why was Sushil not happy after he became an old man?
    Sushil faced several difficulties after becoming an old man. Most importantly, he was too weak to play like his friends. After becoming old, he suddenly lost his childish enthusiasm and cheerfulness. He no longer enjoyed the sports that he used to enjoy with friends.

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Questions with Hints

  1. Why did Sushil wish to take an off from the school?
    Hints : Saturday – half day – geography test that he dreaded/feared – had planned to see the fireworks at their neighbor Bose’ residence – all his friends were looking forward to it.
  2. How did Subal punish Sushil for lying to bunk the school?
    Hints : Lozenges – tempted Sushil – instead he gave him a bowl of bitter brew – locked him in –

Questions for you

  1. Why did Sushil wish to be an old man?
  2. What for did Subal wish to become a young child?
  3. Why did Subal wish to be an old man again?
  4. Why did elderly people chase Subal away?

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  • Question of

    The son Sushil drove the entire neighbourhood mad with his antics. This means: He was very naughty and ill-mannered He made everyone happy He was a a model child.

    • He made everyone happy
    • He was a a model child
    • He was very naughty and ill-mannered
  • Question of

    Do you think the father-son relation at the start of the story is good? Yes No

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Which is NOT one of the symptoms of rheumatism?

    • Breathing difficulty
    • Pain in the joints
    • Pain the the muscles
  • Question of

    Below are the reasons why Sushil did not go to school but one of them is not. Find the odd one:

    • Stomach-ache
    • Geography test
    • Fireworks at the Bose’s that evening


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