OET Listening Day 23

Below is an interview with Dr. Eric Rubin and Dr. Lindsey Baden on preparing for the spread of Covid-19

I went to Japan for other reasons.

  1. I happened to be there when the patients from the cruise ship were being spread around Japan
  2. And they’re being spread around not only because it didn’t have standing way to spread disease and to many different places.
  3. But there just weren’t the facilities in Yokohama or Tokyo take care of all of these patients
  4. The patients who were being distributed were largely a symptomatic but infected individuals
  5. So they were shedding virus but they were allegedly asymptomatic.
  6. When they showed up in various places they were sent to often a couple hundred miles away from Tokyo it turned out of course and some of them weren’t truly a symptomatic or had developed symptoms along the way.
  7. And what was very striking is that the clinicians who ended up taking on the responsibility for these patients had been given no guidance as to what to do.
  8. So there was no real preplanning
  9. People were trying to do it their past under the circumstances but without knowing what the best thing to do was and without having been instructed by the government by public health authorities highway act and
  10. how to do simple things like infection control?
  11. When these patients who were ill who are hypoxic showed up on their doorstep all they could do is call around and try to find hospital beds another hundred miles away to accommodate these people
  12. I think it’s an illustration of how planning on the fly it doesn’t work out all that well in all of the misfortune going on right now we’re somewhat fortunate in that we have some lead time and I think it’s going to be important for us to think hard about what we should be doing.


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