OET Listening Day 21

Warning! This is only a short-demo of the OET Listening test with only 3 – 5 questions (whereas the real test has over 40 questions of this kind). Listen to the audio as many times as you want and take the test. Click “Let’s Play” Button.

Remember! Do not choose an answer because ‘you’ think it is correct but because you heard it in the audio!

  • Question of

    Immunity refers to:

    • Giving antibodies or antiserum to people at risk of developing disease.
    • Giving antibodies or antiserum to people who have recovered.
    • Giving antibodies or antiserum to people as a precaution.
  • Question of

    What among the three is NOT an antisera?

    • Poly-clonal antiserum.
    • Antisera isolated from patients who recovered from disease.
    • Antigen produced in-vitro
  • Question of

    Monoclonal antibodies:

    • Have varying same structure
    • Are not reproducible.
    • Are scalable
  • Question of

    Effectiveness of convalescent sera to counter Covid 19 is:

    • Possible
    • Maybe possible
    • Not possible


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