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Nicobobinus – Terry Jones

This is a story written by Terry Jones. It is the story of a small boy called Nicobobinus and Rosie, his friend. Nicobobinus had certain extraordinary powers but no one knew that except Rosie. In this story, Nicobobinus the two friends go to the land of dragons that opens near an apple tree. Nicobobinus entered a cave and walked down a tunnel where he meets a man.

1. Rosie and Nicobobinus Set out to the Land of Dragons.

  1. What did Rosie think about Nicobobinus?
    Rosie thought that Nicobobinus could do anything.
  2. Why did Rosie throw pebbles at Nicobobinus’ shutters early in the morning?
    Rosie threw pebbles at Nicobobinus’ shutters to wake him up.
  3. Who stopped Rosie and Nicobobinus as they were leaving the limits of their streets? Why?
    A nightwatchman stopped Rosie and Nicobobinus. He stopped them because he was not to allow any one go out of the street at such an early time.
  4. What had Rosie carried with her for the journey?
    Rosie had carried buns and lemonade for the journey to the Land of Dragons.
  5. Why did the dog attempt to bite the children? Why did it let them go?
    The dog tried to bite the two children because they had tripped on it while the dog lay asleep under a tree.  The dog was terribly frightened as if it thought the end of the world was around. However, the dog stopped chasing them as it got hold of two buns that had slipped off from Rosie’s hands. It ate the buns and thankfully went back to its friends.
  6. How did Nicobobinus try to get the apples? Did he get any apple? What happened to him?
    After they had lost the buns, the two children saw how terrible they would feel without food on their way. To get stock of supplies, Nicobobinus tried to get some apples from a tree that grew in a garden. No, he didn’t get any. Instead, he lost his balance and fell down into a garden on the other side of the wall.
  7. How did Nicobobinus get into the garden?
    In fact Nicobobinus had no intention of getting into the garden. While trying to reach out to the apples that grew on a tree that grew in the garden, he lost his balance and fell down into the garden.
  8. What is the author’s first remark about the garden?
    The author remarks the garden as the most magnificent garden that Nicobobinus had ever stepped into.
  9. Why did Rosie cross her fingers very hard?
    Rosie had never thought that her friend would be helpless as this. She had hoped that Nicobobinus could handle any trouble. Rosie crossed her fingers very hard because she was praying for Nicobobinus and for her.

Part 2 – In the Garden.

Having escaped from the Nightwatchman and the angry dog, the two children lost their buns and lemonade. They were trying to get some apples from a tree that grew in a garden, when Nicobobinus fell into the garden. It was a beautiful garden.

Questions & Answers

  1. Who tried to grab Nicobobinus in the garden? How did he dodge the man?
    A man with coarse voice tried grab Nicobobinus. To get away from him, Nicobobinus ran straight up a tree but the man grabbed him by his neck first and then by his wrist. To loose out of the man’s tight clutches, Nicobobinus doubled himself up and that knocked the man down. Once he fell down on a pile of leaves, Nicobobinus ran across the lawn, down a path, round a hedge and finally he ran into a shed and bolted the door.
  2. What surprised Nicobobinus inside the shed?
    Nicobobinus found a door that opened to an underground hollow.


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