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Learning the Game – Sachin Tendulkar

Learning the Lesson is taken from Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography. In this, Sachin opens his mind to his world of cricket, about his brother Ajit, about his coach Ramkant Achrekar Sir and his rise to an ace cricketer.

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A few Questions and Answers | Learning the Lesson

  1. Name two of Sachin’s favorite cricketers whom he tried to emulate/copy in his life?
    Sunil Gavaskar and Viv Richards were two of Sachin’s favorite cricketers whose mannerisms he was eager to copy in his life.
  2. Mention a common link between Ramkant Achrekar and Sachin Tendulkar.
    Both, Ramkanth Achrekar and Sachin began playing cricket at the age of eleven.
  3. Why did Achrekar advise Sachin to return for training after a while?
    When Sachin performed in front of the famous coach Achrekar, that too in front of several aspirants to cricket, first time batting in the nets, he felt nervous and performed badly. Seeing this and Sachin’s young age, Achrekar advised him to start his training after he grew up.
  4. How was Ajit Tendulkar play a pivotal role in bringing up Sachin?
    Ajit Tendilkar, Sachin’s elder brother, introduced eleven-year-old Sachin to cricket in 1984. He introduced the young Sachin to Ramakant Achrekar, a famous cricket coach and a club cricketer, at Shivaji Park, Mumbai. In the first meeting, the young Sachin did not play his best. Ajit told Achrekar that he was feeling self-conscious and nerveous due to the coach observing him, and was not displaying his natural skills. Ajit requested the coach to give him another chance at playing, but watch while hiding. This time Sachin played much better and was accepted at Achrekar’s academy. Besides this, Ajit was very helpful even with Sachin’s practice at Shivaji Park. He used to accompany Sachin to get him used to the practice timing and journeys far away from home. Thus, Ajit Tendulkar, Sachin’s great brother, was a pivotal force in the cricketer’s rise.
  5. “It served as a very personal coaching manual.” What does Sachin recall to his mind?
    During the practice days at Shivaji Park, Sachin’s elder brother Ajit gave him a notebook that contained some very good thoughts about batting. For Sachin, this note was very important during those days. For this reason, Sachin kept that note with him all his career.
  6. Sachin Tendulkar is not a man born with silver spoons in his mouth. What makes us think so?
    Cricket and cricket lovers especially in India consider Sachin Tendulkar as a legend but it is hard to believe that his rising was from a very ordinary family. It was a keen passion for cricket that Sachin soared to the sky to shine among the stars. As a child, Sachin had to overcome many an obstacle to become a cricketer.

Letter Writing | Sachin to the owner of the bus

17 June, 1986

Dear Sir,

I am Sachin, a boy from Bandra and I would like to make a special request to you. I am student of Shardashram Vidhyamandir, Dadar West. It is my greatest dream to be a cricketer playing for India. With great difficulty my father got me admitted to this school mainly for the cricket training there.

At present I am facing a number of problem besides those I undergo during the training sessions. When I board the bus from the school, all the seats get occupied and I mostly have to stand all the way home. My kitbag is so heavy and very large and it really causes troubles for the other passengers. On days when I get a seat, my kitbag causes great trouble to fellow passengers due to its size. Conductors often gets angry with me and ask me to buy additional ticket for the bag. I know that is really a reasonable demand but I cannot afford the cost of another ticket because I belong to a mediocre family.

It is my earnest request to you to allow me to carry the kitbag. I assure you, I would give my seat when someone would really need it comes up

Yours truly,
Sachin Tendulkar.

Questions For You | Learning the Lesson

You can answer the following questions in the comments box below:

  1. There is a Sun to brighten every moon. How far was Ramkant Achrekar the sun that brightened Sachin Tendulkar?
  2. Cite instances from the passage that show Sachin’s love for cricket even from a very early age.
  3. Do you agree with Sachin’s occupying a second seat for his kitbag in a busy bus, without another ticket? (Think critically, forget your piety for the Cricket God!)
  4. Just as the helmet and pads became a part of me while batting, so the kitbag became
    an extension of me on the bus.Comment.

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  • Question of

    Name Sachin Tendulkar’s early school.

    • Shardashram Vidhyamandir
    • New English School, Mumbai
    • New English School, Kolkata
  • Question of

    Who is Sachin’s brother?

    • Ramakant
    • Ajit
    • Arun
  • Question of

    Ramakant Achrekar was a cricket coach at:

    • New English School, Mumbai
    • New English School, Delhi
    • Shardashram Vidhyamandir
  • Question of

    Both Sachin and Ramakant Achrekar started playing cricket:

    • At 11 years
    • At 12 years
    • At 13 years
  • Question of

    What was NOT a reason for Sachin’s poor performance in front of Ramakant Achrekar?

    • Sachin had never batted in the nets before
    • He felt somewhat overawed with so many people around
    • When he was asked to bat, Sachin was not at all comfortable
    • Sachin did not have a good bat 
    • Mr Achrekar was watching him closely
  • Question of

    Ramakant Achrekar Sir advised Ajith Tendulkar to:

    • Start Sachin’s training as soon as possible
    • Train him in something else
    • Bring Sachin to him when he grew up a little more
  • Question of

    Who played the key role in making Achrekar Sir agree to train Sachin?

    • Sachin’s father
    • Sachin’s mother
    • Sachin’s brother
  • Question of

    Which of the qualities do you find in Ajit?

    • Pessimism (Hopelessness)
    • Fatalism (Putting the blame on one’s fate)
    • Optimism (Hope)
  • Question of

    What was Ajit’s special request to Acrekar Sir to give Sachin a second round of chance?

    • Watch him play at night
    • Watch him play without his knowledge
    • Watch him play in the colony
  • Question of

    To “scrutinize” means:

    • Scold someone
    • Make fun of someone
    • Observe closely
  • Question of

    How much time did it take Sachin travel to Shivaji Park for the training under Achrekar Sir?

    • Forty minutes
    • Fifty minutes
    • Forty five minutes
  • Question of

    As a child, Sachin had only ___ set of cricket clothes.

    • One
    • Two
    • Three
  • Question of

    Sachin had to wash his cricket clothes ___ a day.

    • Once
    • Twice
    • Thrice
  • Question of

    “The system worked well — apart from my pockets.” This presents:

    • Sachin’s poverty
    • Sachin’s shortage of cricket clothes
    • Sachin’s over-sweating
  • Question of

    During the summer camp, Achrekar Sir began to feel that:

    • Sachin would not become a good player
    • Sachin had the potential to be a good cricketer
    • Sachin would be the best cricketer ever
  • Question of

    What was Achrekar Sir’s first impression of Sachin?

    • Highly impressed
    • Not impressed
    • Impressed
  • Question of

    What served Sachin as a very personal coaching manual?

    • Achrekar Sir’s scolding
    • Achrekar Sir’s instructions
    • Ajit’s instructions
  • Question of

    What did Sachin’s father insist on his changing the school?

    • He could change school if he chose studies over cricket
    • He could change school if he stood first in cricket
    • He could change school if he chose cricket over everything
  • Question of

    Sachin played hard in the last 15 minutes because:

    • He was eager to earn money
    • He was eager to play most carefully
    • He always wanted to take rest at that time
  • Question of

    What was the last part of Sachin’s training at Shivaji Park?

    • Saving the one-rupee coins
    • Hitting the balls
    • Running two rounds of the park
  • Question of

    What did Achrekar Sir do if Sachin absented from the nets?

    • He would complain to his father.
    • He would arrive and take Sachin back to Shivaji Park.
    • He would always punish him for not coming.
  • Question of

    Why did the bus conductors ask Sachin to take another ticket?

    • Because he was too big for a single seat
    • Because he used to lie down on two seats.
    • Because his kitbag occupied the seat next his
  • Question of

    How did Sachin solve the conductors’ demand for a second ticket?

    • By buying a second ticket
    • By quarreling with the conductors
    • By wrapping the kitbag around him.
  • Question of

    “Don’t waste your time playing inane games with these kids.” What does ‘inane’ mean?

    • Silly
    • Bad
    • Senseless
  • Question of

    Why was Achrekar Sir very angry with Sachin’s watching the inter-school cricket match?

    • Sachin went without permission
    • Achrekar Sir didn’t want Sachin to be a mere spectator (someone who watches)


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