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Adventures in a Banyan Tree

The Adventures in a Banyan Tree will bring you back to your childhood days. It reminds us that we should live in harmony with nature. Being one with nature is always mesmerizing. Have you ever got a chance to spend your leisure time with nature? Let’s read how a boy experienced and blended with the essence of nature.

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1. Grandfather and the Banyan Tree

‘The Adventures in a Banyan Tree’ opens by introducing the grandfather, grandmother and the banyan tree in the garden. We also come to know that the story happened in Dehra, at the foot of the Himalayas and the narrator was a small boy.

Words and Meaning

  1. Grandfather’s domain – Grandfather area of activity
  2. Magnificent – Extremely beautiful and elegant
  3. Banyan tree – An Indian fig tree, the branches of which produce wide-ranging aerial roots which later become accessory trunks. (Malayalam – ആൽമരം)
  4. Tease – Make fun of someone
  5. Countess of Desmond – Wife of a Count (like a minister) of Desmond (A place in Ireland).
  6. Maze – A confusing lines of roads
  7. Gave me endless pleasure – Made me endlessly happy
  8. The town of Dehra – Dehradun (India)
  9. Nestling in a valley – Located in a valley

Questions | The Adventures in a Banyan Tree

  1. What does “the house and grounds of our home in India were Grandfather’s domain” mean?
    This means that the author’s grandfather used to roam around and occupied all the places of his house and the land where the house stood.
  2. How did the old banyan tree belong to the author?
    While the house and its grounds were occupied by the grandfather, the narrator had the complete possession of the branches of the banyan tree because the old man could no longer climb.
  3. How did the grandmother tease grandfather on account of his habit of climbing trees?The Countess of Desmond was an English woman who lived to the age of 117 when she suddenly died at the age of 117 while climbing a tree. The grandmother compared the grandfather with her because both were fond of climbing trees.
  4. How does the author describe the banyan tree?
    The banyan tree had spreading branches which curved to the ground and took root again, forming a maze of arches. It was a pleasure playing on it.
  5. How old was the banyan tree?
    The tree was older than the house, older than Grandfather, as old as the town of Dehradun.
  6. Why was the banyan tree a place of pleasure for the narrator?
    The spreading branches of the banyan tree, which curved to the ground and took root again, forming a maze of arches, gave me endless pleasure.

Next – The Narrator and the Squirrel

2. The Narrator and the Squirrel

  • Arching – Bending the back
  • Sniffing into the air – Catching smell from the air
  • Resent – Dislike
  • Invasion – Intrusion (getting into someone’s place without permission)
  • Catapult – തെറ്റാലി | गुलेल | கவண் | ಕವಣೆ | నిప్పు
  • Arm myself with a catapult – Carry a catapult
  • Bolder – More confident and brave

Questions | The Adventures in a Banyan Tree

  1. How did the squirrel resent the narrator’s entry into his place?
    The squirrel din’t seem to like the narrator coming into its place. Arching its back and sniffing into the air, the squirrel expressed its resentment.
  2. How did the squirrel and the narrator become friends?
    Although the squirrel disliked the author’s entering its private place, the two of them became friendly when the squirrel found that the narrator did not carry any weapon. Eventually the narrator started feeding the squirrel with pieces of cake and biscuit and it grew bolder. Soon, started eating from the narrator’s hands.

Diary Writing | The Adventures in a Banyan Tree

15 August, 1930
Dehradun: 10.00 PM

Today I met a squirrel under the banyan tree. It was a large one, larger than those I found in Delhi and in Mumbai. Well, he was not very happy to see me entering his private place. It looked at me with a hundred questions in its shiny eyes. Was he angry? Had he the power of a tiger, the squirrel had me torn up into piece. I looked at it too, equally confused and sad about his unwelcome gestures. I really wished I could touch him and played with him. I didn’t advance my steps for fear of its hopping away. I wished he understood that I didn’t intend to harm him but he didn’t appear to have read my mind. Slowly I turned back and walked home.

Tomorrow I will find him again and get closer to him. I am sure, he will become my friend.

3. The Cobra and the Mongoose

  1. It was to be a battle of champions. Explain.
    The cobra and mongoose were indeed very skillful and strong. They were at the height of their size, too. The grey mongoose was three feet long and was a superb fighter, clever and aggressive while the cobra was skillful and an experienced fighter. The cobra could move very fast and strike the mongoose with the speed of light. The sacs behind its long, sharp fangs were full of deadly venom.
  2. Had they been content only to watch, all would have been well with both of them. What does this mean?
    The narrator is referring to the myna and the crow who came to the scene of the fight between the mongoose and the cobra during which the crow was killed. If the myna had only been happy with watching the fight, it would not have died.
  3. Why was the swaying slowly from side to side?
    The cobra was swaying from side to side to to mesmerize the mongoose so that it could strike the mongoose when it made a false move.

4. The Strange Case of the Grey Squirrel and the White Rat

  1. Why did the narrator’s family not mind the mongoose’ stealing eggs from the poultry?
    After the mongoose’ killing the snake, everyone at home liked it. The mongoose patrolled the four corners of the garden like a dedicated servant. Grandfather himself was impressed by the mongoose that he didn’t shut it in a cage. Even grandmother had a certain respect for the mongoose that she did not mind its stealing eggs from the poultry as long as it did not harm the birds.
  2. What do you understand about the Strange Case of the Grey Squirrel and the White Rat?

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Finally, proceed to the Test by clicking “Let’s Play” below.

  • Question of

    When this story was written, the narrator’s grandfather was ___ years.

    • 55
    • 60
    • 65
  • Question of

    To “tease” means:

    • To make fun of someone.
    • To praise someone.
  • Question of

    Countess of Desmond:

    • fell from a banyan tree when she was 117 years
    • fell from an apple tree when she was 117 years
  • Question of

    Banyan tree in Malayalam is:

    • അത്തിമരം
    • ആഞ്ഞിലി
    • ആൽമരം
  • Question of

    The point of similarity between the grandfather and the Countess of Desmond was:

    • Both loved trees
    • Both climbed trees
    • Both died from trees
  • Question of

    “Nestling” is a word that Ruskin Bond is very fond of. What does it mean?

    • Stand out from others
    • Lie partly hidden
    • Lie completely hidden
  • Question of

    How old was the banyan tree described in the story?

    • As old as the house
    • As old as the Grandfather
    • As old as the town of Dehra
  • Question of

    Testing your general knowledge, where in India is Dehradun located?

    • Jammu and Kashmir
    • Uttarakhand
    • Himachal Pradesh
  • Question of

    Whose squabbling was heard on the road during the fig-season?

    • The squirrel’s
    • The birds’
    • The mongoose’
  • Question of

    In a clearing beneath the tree, in bright sunshine, ___ came face to face.

    • the squirrel and cobra
    • the squirrel and mongoose
    • the cobra and mongoose
  • Question of

    Who, did the myna and crow, want to win?

    • The cobra
    • The mongoose
    • None
    • Both
  • Question of

    Who was wiser among the two?

    • The myna
    • The crow
  • Question of

    How did the mongoose return the cobra’s attempts to mesmerize it?

    • By looking into the cobra’s eyes.
    • By not looking at the cobra.
    • By not moving.
  • Question of

    What is a ‘feint to feint’ one side?

    • A sudden movement
    • A noisy movement
    • A tricky movement
    • A noisy movement
  • Question of

    Which among the following is NOT a movement performed in a fight?

    • Strike
    • Jump
    • Dart
    • Sway
    • Glisten
  • Question of

    Where did the myna and the crow perch while the fight was going on? On a cactus plant On the banyan tree On the ground

    • On a cactus plant
    • On the banyan tree
    • On the ground
  • Question of

    Was was the dramatic course that the third round of attack?

    • The myna died
    • The crow died
    • The cobra died
  • Question of

    The crow was killed by:

    • the myna
    • the cobra
    • the mongoose
  • Question of

    Grandfather was ___ that the mongoose had won.

    • Pleased
    • Angry
    • Sad
  • Question of

    Why did the grandfather refrain from taming (training) the mongoose?

    • to make it kill snakes
    • he was afraid of the mongoose
    • he had already tried and failed to tame a mongoose


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