A Most Important Person – Test

We can proceed to the tests if you are ready!

  1. You can take the test only once, so, please learn the lesson once again.
  2. Here is no shortcut – only those who know can score above 20.
  3. These tests are for those who work hard – not those who have a strong brain!

About these Tests

There are two kinds of tests on kiddingtown:

  1. “Let’s Play” tests. (You get the result instantly)
  2. Class tests, terminal tests and Final Year Tests.

  • Question of

    At the start of the story, Miss Lucy is:

    • Sad and cheerless
    • Pleasant and cheered
  • Question of

    Lucy and George:

    • Frequently communicated
    • Hardly communicated
  • Question of

    Why was Lucy summoned to the court?

    • For abusing neighbors
    • For traffic violation
    • For being rude
  • Question of

    The trial at the court won Miss Lucy:

    • Fame
    • bad reputation
    • Shame
  • Question of

    Why was Miss Lucy’s submission at the court in news?

    • Because she had paid for the news
    • Because she was a woman
    • Because she was a society leader


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