Po – Abraham Tzou

The author recalls his loving grandmother. Po in Chinese means ‘grandma.’

Shot Answers
  1. When did the author first meet Po? Where?
  2. What was the author’s nickname?
  3. Why did the author’s mother take him to Taiwan?
  4. “I made quite an impression on everybody.” What impression did the author make?
  5. What were the author’s earliest memories of Po?
  6. How did the herbal doctor treat the author’s nose-bleeding?
  7. How did Po help the author’s mother during his illness?
  8. What difficulties did the author’s mother and Po face in following the instructions of the herbal doctor?
  9. What does the very first interaction between Po and her grandson show you about Po’s personality?
  10. What do you suppose makes Po volunteer to prepare the medicine and then to struggle to administer it?
  11. Do you consider her efforts a sacrifice? Does her diligence carry a personal price for her?
  12. Why does the relationship between Po and her grandson grow stronger over the years?
Long Answers
  1. What is remarkable about the author’s revealing the suspense about Po?
  2. Can an ordinary babysitter be as loving as Po? Why do you think so?
  3. Briefly write an account on the hard work Po did for the author?

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