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OET 2.0 – Writing

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Here are some of our Case Notes:

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  2. EnglishMelon Case Notes 2 

These are some very complicated case notes for your advanced preparation.

Introduction to OET Letter Writing

You may be a nurse, doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist or optometrist but all these 6 pages are for all of you. Although this page focuses more on OET Writing for Nursing, it has almost all that you need – formats, vocabulary, passive voice, tense, connectors, corrections and a number of new phrases you can try in your referral letters apart from our unique materials.

Many medical professionals have said that this website’s content is a treasure for them because it is simple, constantly updated and of course, FREE. Additionally, you can Freely join our Telegram Group to unlock unlimited possibilities. Click EnglishMelon OET Group.

Who should Read This Page?

  1. If you do not know that “The patient has been adviced” is incorrect, this page is yours.
  2. If you still think that the comma in “I am writing this letter to refer Ms Abigael, who is being discharged…” is okay, you should read this page.
  3. If you think that “the patient was undergone” is a correct usage, you can’t skip this page.
  4. If you think that Ms Roy and her baby are equally important in the sentence, “Ms Roy as well her baby needs your service,” you cannot proceed to self preparation without this page.
  5. If you think that there is no difference between “She was commenced” and “She commenced,” take a break and start reading this page today.
  6. If you have tried OET enough but failed without any reason.

Who need NOT Read This Page?

  1. If you have failed twice or thrice, you can read but what you need is serious coaching. EnglishMelon (Kiddingtown) is our online and offline OET training venture where you can enroll for letter correction and speaking along with unpaid (free) Listening and Reading Training. Odin English (OET World) is a mighty training company that trains with utmost efficiency. Contact US Now.

4 Qualities you Should Have

Remember, if you have these 4 qualities, you will score B in all the four modules.

  1. Medical knowledge.
    Most of you have this because you are nurses. However, when it comes to speaking, you may feel disarmed if you do not know a particular medical term. To overcome that, ask the patient to explain his condition. This gets you a chance to hear a definition or explanation about the particular term you were not certain about.
  2. English
    You have it but tense is still a problem for many of you. You can overcome this on this page.
  3. Sensibility
    If you are really low on this, you usually score C. Your assessor can easily trace your Sensibility in all the 4 modules. As a medical professional, you have a certain amount of sensibility that others call smartness or deftness. Suppose you are giving the speaking test and you have pretty no idea what to suggest a patient with dementia. All you know is it is a memory disorder. How to know more about dementia? Ask the examiner because he/she is the patient. The patient will give you all that he knows about dementia and then you can start building your reply. In writing too, suppose the letter is neither a ref: nor any that you have done earlier. A patient, after discharge, writes a letter of complaint to the hospital and you have to write a reply.
  4. Sympathy and Empathy
    OET exam is precisely designed to check if you have it. When advanced countries hire you, they make sure that you have a heart in the body. If you feel like you have no “heart” better get one immediately. You can read below some tips to modify your heart.

Kinds of OET Letters

Most of the OET Letters are referral letters although a very few are different so sometimes you will feel stunned on getting a new type of letter.

  1. Information Letter – Addressed to the patient’s relatives, such as spouses or parents.
  2. Referral Letter – A nurse writing to a doctor to take up the care of a patient who is not improving in her care.
  3. Information Letter – Addressed to the parents of students to inform them of the spread of an epidemic in the school.
  4. Advice Letter – Advising a patient or someone else.
  5. And any other kind of expected or unexpected letters.


In most cases, a medical professional writes a referral letter with a request to take care of the patient who is being discharged. Here is a situation:

  • You are a nurse and Mr Albin has been your patient since he was admitted on 12th March, that is, a month ago.
  • He has improved a lot since his admission and tomorrow he is being discharged. Mr Albin has strongly recommended sending him home but his doctor has advised him to continue his medicines for a month in a care centre.
  • As Mr Albin is very old and has memory failure, you (the nurse in-charge) think that it is better to send a nurse who could take care of Mr Albin.
  • Unfortunately, your hospital doesn’t provide nurses for home-care so you have to find another solution.
  • You have been told that Aster Home Care is a reputed nursing agency that arranges nurses for home-care.
  • Upon your experience and consideration, you decide to write a referral letter to Aster Home Care to send a nurse to Mr Albin’s home.


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