Notice Writing

A notice should be attractive, legible and informative. To score full marks, you need to stress on its over all appearance. The bounding box, bold and clear letters, short sentences, relevant details, etc. are very important. Look at the simple sample below:


  1. The name of the school or institution
  2. NOTICE in the second line. Clear, legible and in all CAPITAL letters,
  3. Write the name of the program for which the notice is drafted,
  4. On the left, from the very margin, write the date of drafting the notice,
  5. Leave a LINE for legibility
  6. “The school is organizing/holding/planning/conducting…”
  7. Begin the content with phrases such as:
    “This is to inform all the students of senior classes…”
  8. Include “what is the program, when is the program, where is the program, for whom is the program, what is the last date for submitting the names, etc.”
  9. Last sentence can be, “For further information, contact the undersigned.”
  10. Name of the undersigned and his/her signature.

Style 1

School’s/organization’s/association’s name


Name of the Program

12 March 2013

Who is organizing… what is the program… when… duration… where… who can participate… who should not participate, program details… if it is a tour program, mention destination/days of stay/mode of transport/sightseeing/return/expense: if it is a case of loss, max. description of the lost/missing item/person; if it is a case recovery/found, minimum description. Language: formal; Don’ts: no I, my, me, we, our, us, you, your. Write in third person. Not – Our school is organizing, but – The school is organizing; Not – Contact me/us, but – Contact the undersigned.

Name of the writer – Shreya
Designation – Secretary.

Style 2

School’s/organization’s/association’s name


Name of the Program

March 2013

Who is organizing, (school/residential area, etc.) what for it is organized (awareness / entertainment / spirituality / competition / education, etc), for whom it is organized, what is the procedure, where to stay, what to carry, what to avoid, etc.Date : 12 March, 2018

Venue : Main Auditorium
Time – 10 AM
Last date to submit names/enroll;

Whom to contact for further information, etc.Name of the writer – Shreya

Designation – Secretary

Real Notices, More formats

Inventing Details

You may have to invent details. Do not write only what is given in the question.

Notice on a Function

  • What is the program
  • Organizer
  • When – date and time
  • Where – venue
  • For whom
  • Last date for submission
  • Contact whom


  • What has been lost
  • When
  • Where
  • Particulars & Identification
  • Reward for the finder


  • What has been found
  • Where
  • When
  • Do not give details of the finding as it can give raise to more owners.


Al Ameen School, Rawalpindi

Contribute Posters and Pamphlets

12th March, 2015

This is to inform all the students that the school is planning to organize a hygiene campaign in the city on the 14th and 16th of the next month. Students are requested to contribute posters and pamphlets on hygiene. A student can prepare as many posters and pamphlets and submit them to Mr. Dubei, the librarian, latest by 10th of April. For more information, kindly contact the undersigned or visit the school’s notice page @

School Captain.

Sample – School Notice

You are Pritish/Priya, a student of TownVale School, Mumbai. You have lost a bundle of previous year’s sample papers along with three multimedia CDs. Giving all the details of the lost objects, draft a notice to be published in the school’s notice board.

TownVale School, Mumbai



12 December 2013

This is to bring to your notice that a bundle of previous year’s English and Science question papers has been lost in the school premises. The bundle is securely wrapped in a pink file with red buttons and blue zip. Along with the papers there are three multimedia CDs. The finder is requested to hand the objects over to Pritish, class VII B, on the second floor.

Class VII B

Sample – School Notice

TownVale School, Mumbai



12 September 2011

The school is planning to observe a brief fasting by forgoing lunch on Friday, to announce support for Anti Corruption Leaders throughout the nation headed by Anna Hazzare who is on another indefinite fasting to review Indian Election System after his successful fasting to bring about Jan Lokpal Bill. All the students from class V can join the fasting by not bringing lunch or by not having it at the canteen. Though the fasting is left to personal choice, the school requests everyone to observe this noble abstainance to strengthen the makers and reformers of the nation. For more information, contact the undersigned:

Manoj Aggarwal

Sample Questions

1. Tours & Excursions

Your school is going to visit Lord Padmanabha Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. All students from class 7th onwards can participate in the tour. Write a notice with all relevant information. You are Srishti Madan, Class XII B, North Wave School, Pitampura.

Seminars & Talks

Mr. Michael Brown, a prominent writer of children’s books has agreed to share his views on creative writing and publishing. He will be giving his talk on the 16th of next month. As the Cultural Activity Representative, write a notice informing students of class V and above of the program, time, venue, highlights, etc. You are Mohan/Niti, class XI B, Rupert Model School, Bangalore.

Write a notice informing all the class X, XI and XII students of the special class by CBSE experts about how to work on subjects during the very hectic months of November, December and January. Include all relevant details. You are Arushi Jain, class XII A, Townvale School, Bangalore.

Your Principal has asked you to draft a notice informing all the girls about a special class exclusively for them by an NGO team on the Role of a Girl in the Building up of a Healthy society. Draft the notice with relevant additional information. Only for girls above class VIII. You are Madhuri Jain.

Write a notice informing the English, German, French teachers of your school, informing them about a Language Exhibition that the school is planning to organize in collaboration with Linguindia, Bangalore. The Principal wants to have a meeting with all the above said teachers on the 15th of April, 2013, in the Second Conference Hall, at 12.30 pm, to collect suggestions and ideas for the exhibition.

Write a notice to inform all the residents of your colony of a Silent Hour Meditation program under the guidance of Dr. P. N Nair with a view to understand oneself better. The program is exclusively for the residents only. (5)

You have just returned after participating the program Students on Ice and wish to do something for the earth. Write a notice calling all the senior students to attend a speech you would like to give them about the impact of global warming. Provide all relevant details. You are Chetan Singh, class XII, TownVale School, Lucknow.

Write a notice informing students of a speech by prominent writer Asokamitran in the next week on “Education in the 21st Century: Cries and Crises.” Mention all details in less than 60 words. Sign yourself as Shiva or Shivani, secretary of Literary Club of Townvale Public School, Shimla.

Lost & Found

You are Ranjit/Ranjita, student of Manav Vidhyala, Udippi. You have found a cell phone in the recreation area of your school without its owner. Finding it a very expensive phone but without any password to know the owner, you decided to put a notice in the notice board giving information about the phone. Remember, you are not to give all the vital information about the phone because it will bring to you more than an owner.

You have lost a notebook in the school with details such as your dad’s new phone number, your changed bus route number, your exam blue-print and your sister’s facebook password. Write a notice to be published on the school notice board. You are Ritwik.Ritika, class VII C, Rosary Public School, Kingsway Camp. – 4 marks.

Society Notice

Write a notice for the immediate information of the residents about a summer trip that the Welfare Association is planning to make to Shimla and Mansarovar in a week’s time. Duration – 1 week, Destinations – 2, Date – End of May, Cost – 12,000, etc. You are Madhav/Manavi, Secretary, of C- Block Welfare Association, South Extension.


Write a notice informing all the students and staff who happen to be habitually and casually late for the school about the measures that the school is planning to implement from the 1st of January to effectively check late-coming and the consequent inconvenience caused to the entire school. You are Seema Aggarwal, Principal, Townvale School, Kiddingtown. (5 marks)

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