News Report Writing

Report writing is probably the most skillful writing section. Unlike the paragraph writing, article writing and even a speech writing, “a news report means less than it says.”

  • It is kind of exaggeration and a little practical lies.
  • The primary focus of writing news stories is to make everything appear present.
  • An old news has no value. We buy a newspaper to read what is happening at present, not what happened last week.
  • Below you can learn news reporting in 30 minutes and apply for the post of a journalist!

Sample News Report

Model Killed in Accident
Dileep Mehra, Times of India

Delhi, 12 March, 2018: A 26-year-old model from Delhi was killed after his car was hit by a speeding sedan at a traffic signal, police said on Sunday. Two of his friends who were with him were injured.

Police said the accident occurred around 2 am on Saturday in north Delhi when Abhishek Narula, a model and actor in Mumbai, along with his two friends, were on their way from Bharat Nagar to Ashok Vihar. A senior police officer said when Abhishek stopped his car at a traffic signal near Satyawati College flyover, a speeding Honda City car rammed his car. Abhishek and his friends Randeep and Yogesh were injured and rushed to a nearby hospital. While Abhishek died at the hospital, his friends have been discharged.

“Abhishek had come to meet his family on Diwali. On Saturday, he went to meet his friend Randeep in Bharat Nagar where they were joined by Yogesh. They were going to withdraw money from a ATM in east Delhi when the accident happened,” he said. “After the accident, the accused driver fled the spot. He had hired the car and used it as a private cab. A search is on,” the officer added.

Sample 2

Teenager Rescued from Club Pool
By Staff Reporter, Yakima News

Yakima, California, 12 September, 1914: A 14 year old boy nearly died in the YMCA pool, Yakima district of California, yesterday evening, while he was learning swimming all alone. Police suspect a youngster who allegedly pushed the victim into the deep water of the pool.

According to reliable sources, William Douglas, son of Mr. Peterson Douglas, was waiting for his friends on the steps of the swimming pool when the misadventure happened.” I was sitting on the steps, waiting for others to come. It was at this time that a very heavy boy who looked quite unfamiliar, came to me. He asked me if he should help me to swim and tossed me to the deepest side of the pool,” Douglas explained while talking to the press. He further described his drowning experience in vivid details. While drowning he planned to come up after hitting the bottom but failed two times.

“The third time I went down,” he said, “I saw death face to face and lost my consciousness. This escape is a Miracle.” It was Mr. Schofer, the security guard who noticed the inert body of the boy rising to the surface of the pool. He jumped into the pool and drew him to the side and called for help. More than hundred people gathered and doctors were called for and half an hour of attempts brought Douglas back to life.

Even though police is in search of the fat boy, people blame the YMCA Club authorities for the mishap. There have been a number of incidents in the past but the authorities continue their cool derelict response. However, the mayor of Yakima has promised all the necessary safety measures for the pool.

Opening Lines

  • Two workmen from North London died as an electric post fell on their moving car.
  • “Three men and a woman were crushed to death as a speeding school bus lost control and ran into a bus waiting shelter at Karol Bagh, Delhi, yesterday, leaving a dozen people injured…”
  • It is not often that a national champion walks away from his chosen sports to pursue a new challenge. Exactly this was what happened in Ols Oven’s life.
  • The country’s oil exports have fallen to a trickle as crude oil prices have shown the most unusual drop in the last two weeks.
  • Around 234 anesthesia staff, nurses and allied health professionals attended the first pain management symposium held by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC)…
  • Hosted through the joint efforts of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Qatar University, the two week program brought together representatives from the world…
  • Workers have called for an anticipated hike in the prices…
  • “Ram Sunder, an employee of MT Cements, on the outskirts of Patna, didn’t know that he would never be able to return home in the evening to join his family for the wedding of their neighbor’s daughter: a fire broke out in the factory premises charred him and thirty other people to death…”
  • Five members of the same family have been accused by the Delhi Police of their involvement in the killing of Uma Bharti (21) and her lover Ashish Chauhan (27) for the former having fallen in love with the latter. Reliable sources have said that the murder was committed as an act honor killing because the boy belonged to a lower caste.
  • An Indian court has sentenced four men to death for the gang rape and murder of a student in the capital Delhi, a case which led to violent protests across India and new laws against rape.

Paragraph 2 Story Lines

  • Police circles said that the blast was caused by electric short circuit…
  • Sunday was quite solemn and calm in Newstreet. The usual traffic and school going children crossing the Townvale Junction were…
  • According to reliable sources, Sam, a resident of Menustreet, was the first man who entered the main gate of the city…
  • Uma, a computer professional from South of Arrogant Town, had been in a healthy relationship with Ashish, her neighbor and the owner of a poultry farm and talks had been on the way regarding their marriage this December in spite of oppositions from a few family members. When the majority of Uma’s relatives were in support of the marriage, her mother’s eldest brother Raj Mohan and his sons and daughters wanted to have a bloody ending to the whole affair. Having invited Abhishek as if to talk to him at their North Delhi office, Mr. Raj Mohan poisoned him to death.

Paragraph 3 Sample Lines

  • The Parliament has so far failed to pass a budget for this year…
  • The victim’s father has lodged a complaint against the police officer…
  • In a media statement the Minister for Forest said that…
  • Answering to the reporters from a US daily…

Paragraph 4 Closing Lines

  • On being asked about the future films the company plans to make, Arvind Sethi, the CEO, said that as of February 2014, it has three big projects under the hood…
  • Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta were found guilty on all counts earlier this week.
  • Judge Yogesh Khanna said the case fell in the “rarest of rare category”, rejecting pleas for a lighter sentence.
  • The woman, 23, was attacked on a bus in December and died two weeks later.
  • Four Dreaded Criminals Sentenced to Death – What about 4 million Criminals who made them Criminals?
  • Thank God, and be proud of Indian Judiciary for the bold decision to sentence the four criminals who gang raped that girl months ago.
  • The district administration has ordered an inquiry into the frequent accidents on the Mymensigh Bypass which has already witnessed two more accidents in the last three months.

More Samples

Rally to Save Animals
By Raja Ravi Verma/Special Reporter, HT Delhi

New Delhi, 12 January 2012

Residents of Baba Colony, Burari, North Delhi, have become model for the country by organizing a rally proclaiming sympathy and demanding fair treatment for all animals including stray dogs, cattle and labouring animals. The rally that was organised by ANI, a welfare organization that works for animals internationally, yesterday, has become part of history for the people of North Delhi.

Inaugurated by President Pratibha Patil, the rally was attended by more than three thousand people including students of the neighboring Joseph and Mary School, MD Public School and various others and people from all walks of life. Brochures describing the ways in which animals are mistreated by the modern society were distributed by the participants. “We are the only schooled and therefore civilized beings on the planet but we are the only ones who least learned anything,’ said the banners raised by young children. At Temple Junction the rally halted for ten minutes for symbolically feeding a number of animals, pledging to love the animals, the inhabitants of the same earth, our fellow beings.

The rally was a great event. Participants shared a common awareness and spread the same. …


Residents Burn Police Station
Neeraj Gilts, Times of India

Firozabad, UP, 12 November

An angry mob of workmen from Firozabad, 34km north of Agra, burnt the local police station here in retaliation to a police brutality on some young men who tried to transport home-made bangles to Delhi via Agra. More than three policemen have been seriously burnt and over fifty protesters have been arrested.

The incident that happened yesterday night marked a new twist in the age-old grievances of the bangles-makers of Firozabad. Traditionally into the bangle-industry, these people have been fed up with the intervention of middlemen and agents supported by policemen here. These middle men were able to keep a strong hold on the bangle-markets as there was no leader among them. A young man, Mukesh, who has been arrested by the police, was their sole leader in attacking the police station.


King of Pratibandapuram Passes Away
By Special Reporter, The Hindu

Chennai, 12 November

King Jung Jung Bahadur of Pratibandapuram passed away this morning after an unsuccessful surgery to remove excessive puss from his body.

Popularly known as the Tiger King, king Bahadur was hospitalized on Friday after he developed a fever followed by a wooden sliver piercing his finger while playing with his son Kim Bahadur, the crown prince. Dr. Madison from Madras Medical College, who was one among the three surgeons who performed the critical surgery, said that the delay in availing medical help was the cause of the king’s untimely death. Mr. Madison also said that this was his team’s most successful operation in the last ten years.

However some media are up with the general view that king had deserved this sort of death.”it is the curse of astronomers,” said Veera Pandyan, a renowned teacher at Madras State University. He further said that there was a prediction regarding the king’s death when he was ten days that he would be killed by a tiger. The king had, therefore undertaken a hunt for tigers to kill hundred tigers. During this, however, the king had to face a number of obstacles. Reliable sources said that the king was just left with a single tiger when his death happened. Meanwhile, the new interim king Chung Bahadur, the deceased kings’s brother in law has ordered a probe into the events that led to the mishap. King Chung has announced Rs. 1 crore to anyone who can give information about the hunters who had shot the tiger and 2 crores for information about the missing Diwan who is suspected for conspiracy and murder. However, people are uncertain about the fate of the country.

Remember Well

Paragraph 1 – FCC

  1. Begin with a gist of what happened, when happened, where happened, how happened, etc.
  2. End with the consequence of the incident.

Paragraph 2 – Story – HOW did this happen?

  • It was a busy Monday morning in Jabalpur/New York’s Ice City
  • Most people were busy shopping.
  • Pedestrians and bystanders enjoyed the tricks of a juggler and a flutist…
  • Suddenly a blast shook the floors of the streets sending a wave of terror…

Paragraph 3

  1. Why is this happening?
  2. Blame on the authorities.

News Headlines Instructions

Short forms and Passive Voice

  • RBI Bans 500 and 1000 rupee notes.
  • Three ministers have been sacked by CBI

RBS asked to comply with QFC training program – Similarly, use short forms and passive voice. Here ‘asked’ is ‘has been asked’ or ‘is asked.’ Comply with means obey or agree with.

Present tense for headlines

  • Landslide claims 300 lives
    • Claims is simple present
    • 300 is just an approximate number
  • CBSE brings Board Exams back in class 10
  • Chinese PM Cancels visit to India
  • Bank Asya starts talks on partnership with QIB – In fact talks have already started.

Infinitive (t0) for future tense

  • PM Putin to visit UK after three years. (to here means ‘is going to’)
  • UDC to take land back from laggard pearl builders. Here, to take refers to a future action. In fact it is ‘UDC will take land from…” Laggard means slow or lazy.


  1. This morning, as you were way home from your late tuition at M Block, Pitampura, you witnessed a midnight robbery. Two women were attempting to snatch a business man’s bag and other belongings as a passive and amused crowd watched. Write a news report for the Hindustan Times for 12th December, 2017. You are Ritwik Vohra.
  2. Write a news report on a fire mishap in your neighborhood, resulted from an electric short circuit from the security cabin. You are Frederick Evans/Mary Leone, London Times.
  3. You have witnessed a landslide scene near Kalyan, Maharashtra, India. A huge chunk of rocks and mud slid off from a hill and crumbled upon a passing train bound to Mumbai, instantly killing thirty people and causing the three coaches derail. Write a report to be published in the Mumbai zone of the Times of India. You are Arjun Dwivedi/Deepika Smith.
  4. Write a news report, describing a miracle escape of three men and two women whose car crossed an open rail crossing at Fishington, New Jercy, three seconds before the high speed bullet train passed by. Report the dramatic moments from a close perspective. You are Rattan Mortimer, reporter for the Flash News, New Jersey.

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