News Report – Accidents

Here are samples and questions for news reports for students and journalists. None of the news is real. Study each sample and attempt as many questions as possible. In case you need more help, go to News Report.

Sample 1

Guwahati Express Derails at Faridabad. 20 Die, many injured.

Amit Gupta, Hindustan Times

FCC Faridabad, 12 March, 201X: Over 20 passengers died and more than 200 seriously injured as Guwahati Express bound to Guwahati City derailed between Faridabad and Faridabad Junction yesterday at 10.35. Experts have expressed fears that the mishap was followed by a series of explosions from the engine. Forensic reports to be confirmed by tomorrow, possibilities of RDX or similar explosives have been placed strongly against explosions due to faulty engine conditions.
FCC According to reliable sources, the Guwahati Express was passing between Faridabad station and Faridabad Junction when the train derailed following a series of five distinct explosions. Although the train stopped in seconds, the compartment following the engine was on fire. he explosion was so heavy that the engine got separated from the rest of the coaches. Over 4 passengers in the compartment died on the spot while sixteen other died on the way to various hospitals and after reaching the hospitals. Timely rescue operations carried out by the vigilant passengers and the farmers on both sides of the track saved hundreds of lives.


Meanwhile several teams of police officers, a locally stationed army battalion, a team of BSF personnel along with officials of the Indian Railway joined the rescue operations that brought in three helicopters and several ambulances in no time. The government has announced Rs. 10 lakhs each for the families of the diseased and Rs. 2 lakhs each for the injured. A far-flung inquiry has been demanded from the state police.

Similar accidents are common on the Delhi – Dehradun highways. More than 300 precious lives have been run over by the villainous road accidents every month but authorities seem to have done nothing to improve the state of affairs. Over hundred kilometers of road have no proper signal lights nor dividers. In spite of the repeated pleas to look into the worsening situation, governments have done practically nothing over the years. It is high time a stringent action is taken and enforced with immediate effect.

Sample 2

As a reporter of the Hindu, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, write a report on a clash with two political parties here over the issue of faulty Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) that ended up with baton-charges (lathi-charge) and the death of two party workers. You are Manik Chand.

Professional Style Standard Style
Headline +
Unrest hover over Gandhinagar over EVM Spat
2 Die as Clashes spread over Faulty EVMs
Para 1
Para 2
Para 3
Para 4

Questions for Practice

  1. Write a news report for the Indian Express on the death of a woman who was hit by a speeding car going to Dehradun. Follow FCCS pattern. You are Meenal Iyengaar, reporter, Indian Express, Dehradun.

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