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My Smartphone is not very Smart – Kenn Nesbitt

This is a poem for kids so there are no rigid poetic rules and regulations. It may have a rhyme scheme or not. It may have a sense or not. The poet composes this poem to make it appear as one composed by a kid. Read and get to the kiddish suspense that is revealed at the end of the poem.

Stanza I

My smartphone isn’t very smart.
In fact, it’s rather dumb.
It’s dumber than a doorknob
or a piece of chewing gum.


  • Smartphone – Large phones with features like, large display, audio and video players, camera, WiFi, etc.
  • Doorknob – A handle on a door to open the latch/lock.
  • Dumb – Silent

Questions & Answers

  1. Why does the poet think that the doorknob is dumb?
    A doorknob is said to be dumb (probably) because it doesn’t make the squeaky sound that the door makes whenever it is opened. While everyone at home is making a noise, the doorknob remains silent.
  2. Why does the poet compare his smartphone with the doorknob and chewing gum?
    The poet compares his smartphone with a doorknob and chewing gum because, like a doorknob and chewing gum, the phone is dead and cold.
  3. What is common between doorknob and chewing gum?
    Both, a doorknob and chewing gum cannot function by themselves. They are silent all the time.
Stanza II

It used to be so awesome,
but now my phone is lame.
It cannot surf the Internet.
It cannot play a game.


  • Awesome – Amazing
  • Lame – Unable to walk; weak
  • Surf the Internet
  • Game – Video games

Questions & Answers

  1. How old must the phone be? How do you make that out? (2 marks)
    The phone must be quite old. It is evident from the fact that the phone used to be awesome some time ago when the phone was new. (You will see that this answer is incorrect!)
  2. Why does the poet say that the phone used to be awesome?
    The phone used to be awesome because it was capable of surfing the internet and playing games.
Stanza III & IV

It can’t take any pictures.
It can’t install an app.
It can’t look up my email
or an address on a map.

It won’t play any music.
It cannot calculate.
It won’t bring up a calendar
to show the time or date.


  • Pictures – Photos
  • Install – Download an application and make it part of the phone or computer.
  • App – Applications

Questions & Answers

  1. What are the functions that the smartphone is not able to perform at present?
    The phone is not able to take any pictures, can’t install an app, can’t look up the poet’s email or an address on a map, won’t play any music, cannot calculate, won’t bring up a calendar to show the time or date.
Stanza VI

It cannot send a message.
It cannot make a call.
It’s safe to say my smartphone
won’t do anything at all.

Stanza VII

It wasn’t always like this.
Perhaps you’ll take a peek?
I don’t know why it acts like this.
I charged it just last week!


  • Peek – Peep; look at

Questions & Answers

  1. What is the anticlimax of the poem?
    The poet has been able to play fool of his readers. The phone was neither an old one nor an ordinary one. In fact the phone hadn’t been charged for a week!
  2. What must be the age of the narrator? Why do you think so?
    The age of the narrator must be below eight. Only a child can be so innocent as to have forgotten to charge his phone in time.

What do you think?

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