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A message is a way to communicate with someone who cannot be reached via phone, email or met personally. Suppose you are all alone at home and someone calls your mom or dad or someone on phone. Now you attend the call and receive a very important message for your mom, dad or that someone. You have a tuition class at 6 pm so you will not be home to deliver the message. How will you pass the message?

Notice how a direct message is converted to an indirect message:

  • Karan said, “Divya, please tell your brother that I am hospitalized.”
    Karan requested Divya to tell her brother that he was hospitalized.
  • Peter said, “Dad, I need thousand dollars for opening a small business.
    Peter told his dad that he needed thousand dollars for opening a small business.
  • Sam said, “Charley, please inform Derry that I will not come tomorrow.”
    Sam requested Charley to inform Derry that he would not come the next day.
  • Sarc said, “Martin, please tell your brother that all the exams have been postponed.”
Conversation One
  • Nancy – Hello! Hi, Noni, mother home?
  • Noni – No, Nancy Aunty. She is out at Dheep Market.
  • Nancy – Alright, baby. There is an important message for her. Tell her that my husband and I will not be able to dine at your place tonight. We have to pick our Peter from the Airport.
  • Noni – Peter is back? That’s a wonderful news, aunty. I will convey the message.

As Noni, write a message for your mother.

Conversation Two
  • John – 12/B, Hotel Sea Shore?
  • Frank – Well, yes. Frankinson speaking.
  • John – Sir, this is inspector John, from the Crime Department. There is an urgent message for your son Kevin. His life is under threat! Kindly advise him to stay in the room for the whole day until you have heard from us again.
  • Frank – That’s unfortunate, officer but Kevin is not in the room. He will be here in ten minutes.
  • John – Bad luck! Please pass him the message when he arrives.

Now, as Frank, write a message for Kevin as you are leaving the room immediately.

Conversation Three
  • Simran – Hello, Pallavi. Is Sharan home?
  • Pallavi – Hi, Simran. It is a surprise call! Well, no, Sharan is not home. Why? You sound terrible!
  • Simran – In fact we had planned to run away from home and get married secretly. It was planned for tonight. Unfortunately I cannot keep my promise. Dad came to know about it and I am in my room, locked and guarded by mom and him.
  • Pallavi – You are still a fool, Simran! Who does such things these days? Thank God, that your dad caught you in time. I will inform him. Bye.

Now, as Pallavi, write the message for Sharan.


12 August 2015
05.40 PM

There was a call from your friend Simran. She said that…. She also said that …. I am going to the temple for some prayers.

Conversation Four
  • Aisha – Divyansh, is Nimisha home?
  • Divyansh – She has gone for to her maths tuition. Any important message for her?
  • Aisha – There is, a very important message for her. Please tell her that tomorrow’s maths exam has been cancelled due to heavy rains and flood. The exam has now been rescheduled for next Monday.
  • Divyansh – Don’t worry, Aisha. I will pass this message to her.

Now, as Divyansh, write the message for Nimisha with an excuse that you are now going for a movie with friends.


12 August 2015
05.40 PM

You friend Aisha called in your absence. She has passed a message for you – your maths…

Conversation Five
  • Mini – Hello, uncle. Can I talk to Meenu?
  • Mr. Devender – Sorry, child but she is out with her mom. Any message?
  • Mini – Yes, Uncle. Please tell her that I am not celebrating my birthday tomorrow and that the party has been cancelled.
  • Mr. Devender – What happened, child? Something…
  • Mini – Yes, my grandmother fell down and broke her bones. She is going through great pain in the hospital.
  • Mr. Devender – I will tell her about this, child. Take care. I wish you a thousand blessings for your birthday.

Now, as Mr. Devender, write the message for Meenu.


12 August 2015
05.40 PM

You friend Mini called in your absence. She has passed a message for you …

Conversation Six
  • Nisha – Hello, aunty, can I speak to Tom?
  • Mary – Hi, Nisha. How are you? I am sorry, Tom has gone to the Gym. Any message?
  • Nisha – I am good, aunty. Yes, there is an important message for him. Please tell him that I haven’t received his mail yet. It is very important and I have to submit it by morning, tomorrow.
  • Mary – Oh! I will tell him to resend the email as soon as he returns. Is there anything else, child?
  • Nisha – Yes, aunty. Please tell him that I have written an article and sent it to his mailbox. Please ask him to read it carefully.
  • Mary – Alright, Nisha. I will tell him to read.
  • Nisha – Thank you, aunty.

Now, as Mary, Tom’s mother, write the message for Tom as you are going to the church for evening prayers.

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  • Miss Maggy – Hello, is it Chinmay’s house? I am Miss Maggy, his English teacher.
  • Mr. Das – Good evening, Miss Maggy. It is an honor! I am Mr. Das, his father. I am really sorry, Chinmay is not at home. Is there anything?
  • Miss Maggy – Well, I thought of giving some tips on message writing. He is doing poorly at message writing. There are just a few things he should remember. I hope you can tell him.
  • Mr. Das – I will try my best, Miss Maggy. Please tell me, what are the tips?
  • Miss Maggy – Okay. The most important thing is to understand who is calling and who is attending the call.
  • Mr. Das – Alright.
  • Miss Maggy – The second thing is to see what is the message. It is important not to include the introductory dialogues. The student has to write only the message part.
  • Mr. Das – Is that all?
  • Miss Maggy – Finally the ending. One can end a message with an excuse like, “I am going for tuitions,” or “I am going to the dentist,” etc.
  • Mr. Das – I got it. Thanks, Miss Maggy.

Now, as Mr. Das, Chinmay’s father, write the message for him as you are going to meet your friends.

Written by Biju John

Biju John is an educational writer, educator and the author of OM - The Otherwise Men. He gives live classes on Skype and Facebook. You can attend his 3 Day Classes (English & Business Studies) in Delhi, Bangalore, Qatar and Dubai. His Contact number is 91 9810740061.


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