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March Assignments – 9 English CBSE


Write a letter to the editor, The Hindu, bringing to the public notice how a mineral water manufacturer labelled Purito International has messed up with the peaceful life the village of Panchana in Kashmir. The company has almost drained the only water resource the villagers depend for water. You are Padmavati Iyer, 12/C, Main Market, Panchana 22, Kashmir.


Write a story with the following starting.

It was going to be midnight. The train was racing past the coastal Mangalore. Selma opened her eyes and saw that she was the only passenger in the coach. No, the only passenger in the three coaches ahead and two in the rear.


Write a letter to the Principal of your school requesting to buy new the computers with minimum i3 processors and 8 GB RAM as you think that most computers are too slow for multimedia students. You are Smrithi Lohia, class 10 B.


THE GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS of the Children of Gods is a fifty acre rugged stretch of a plateau cut off from the rest of the world. Well set between two steep gorges and two rivers, the five blocks of buildings and a newly-built airport remain more like a mystery than real. Hardly three miles south of this less-known territory is the village of Cooreg, separated by the larger of the two rivers, Yeti. There is the village of Anchiyoor on its south-east, Chinna Palani on its north and the city of Coimbatore far east of it.

It was the rainiest of all nights in Cooreg. With brooks turning out to be roaring rivers and scorpions and pitch-black, slimy cobras heading to some nearby houses for shelter, Cooreg was getting ready to rest for that night. Men sat throwing dry cashew into the fire in the burning ovens and women crushed the nuts out of the shells. Children munched away the hot nuts with great relish.

  1. Where is the global headquarters of the Children of Gods situated?
  2. Why were the scorpions and cobras heading to the village houses?
  3. What did men and women do while it was raining?
  4. From your reading of the passage, where is Cooreg?
  5. Find words that are synonymous:
    1. Chew
    2. Slippery.
1. Editing – An incorrect word on each line.
  1. The Indian Imperial Party (IIP) was formed with nine
  2. college students from Delhi, Bangalore and Pune short
  3. after an tremendous, sweeping victory of the Aam Aadmi
  4. Party in a February 2015 elections. Initially no one
  5. shows any interest in the party mostly because no one felt
  6. the need for another party with the mighty AAP overshadowed
  7. the giant BJP and Congress. What happened in the years
  8. 2016 and 17 were unforeseen! The IIP won more than 70%
    of the total seats in the parliamentary elections.
2. Omission – One word missing!
  1. In India, every girl child advised by her mother to be
  2. different from her brother. A girl child is asked to modest,
  3. to be more obedient to be more unquestioning.
  4. She is often asked cook and do all the household chores
  5. because she is expected to a wife some day.
3. Letter to Editor

You think that many popular games Indian children and youth play demand a large area of open playgrounds. To find space, children and youth convert green parks and forests into tree-less play grounds. Cricket and football alone cause 20% deforestation every year in India. Write a letter to the editor, Hindustan Times, Delhi.

4. Read the conversation below and complete the paragraph:
  1. Customer – Can I see some better models of this laptop, please?
  2. Executive – Why not! We have more than 20 new models just arrived. You can have a look at them in the next pavilion.
  3. Customer – By the way, I believe new models are not too expensive.
  4. Executive – Well, they are, Sir. The lowest model costs $ 2000. Will that be alright with you?
  5. Customer – Hmm. Let me see. Yea, $ 2000 is alright with me.

After having checked the models of a number of laptops, the customer asked the executive (a) ……. . Quite happily the executive replied that they had ___ (b) and further told him that ___ (c). A little apprehensive, the customer said that ___ (d). The executive informed the customer that the new models were ___(e) with the lowest model ___ (f). The executive then turned to the customer and asked ___(g). The customer spent some time thinking and finally said that ___(h).


1. Unjumble (rearrange) the following group of words (3 marks)

  1. do not let / much / computers / your children / time on / spend too /and mobile phones
  2. not / impose complete / healthy to / however, / ban / it is
  3. in letting them / there is no harm / or mobile / on a laptop / phone for / work / an hour

2. Fill on the blanks with the most appropriate choice:

  1. Squeezing a load of toothpaste …… (upon/in) the
  2. brush and then poking ……. (them/it) into the mouth
  3. cannot be ……. (a/an) ideal brushing. Once you spit the
  4. first mouthful – all the paste – into …… (a/the) wash,
  5. the brush has no paste at all. To …….. (avoid/avoids) this
  6. waste, squeeze the paste ……. (into/onto) your left
  7. finger and scoop a …….. (little/few) after each spitting.

1. Fill in the blanks with modal verbs (Can/could; may/might; need/ought to/should/must; will; shall)

  1. You …….. (a) always change your ways because the world is full of ways. If you want to be good, you ….. (b) take the way of honesty but if you want to be bad, you …. (c) take any bad ways. Once you become good, the society ….. (d) or may not consider you good but if you do anything bad, the society ….. (e) definitely label you ‘BAD.’

2. Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms (Tense)

  1. Larry ……. (a. worked/has been working/had been working) in a glass factory in England when he suddenly …… (b. had developed/develop/developed) his literary skills. It ….. (c. is/was/has been) many years ago. He ….. (d. wrote/write/was writing/had written) three stories in three months and ….. (e. go/goes/went/was going) to a dozen publishers to …. (f. got/get/getting) his works …… (g. publish/publishing/published).

1. Rearrange the word-sequence to frame meaningful sentences. (2 marks)

  1. banning of / has been one of the / currency / most revolutionary moves / high-denomination / by the government.
  2. great inconvenience / turn out / to the / ultimate triumph / common man but / it has caused / we hope it would / over / to be the / black money.

2. Gap Filling – Reported Speech 1

  • Meghna – Good morning, is it City Hospital?
  • Receptionist – Good morning, mad’m, City Hospital. How may I assist you?
  • Meghna – I need to get an appointment with Dr. Gopan Mukherjee.
  • Receptionist – That’s alright, Mad’m. Dr. Mukherjee has three appointment slots free today. Any time between 3.40 and 4.20.
  • Meghna – Kindly book an appointment at 3.30. It is for my mother in law. Name, Kamal, age 64.
  • Receptionist – May I know your address, mad’m?
  • Meghna – It is 12/C, Block 6, Pratap Nagar, Delhi.
  • Receptionist – Thank you mad’m. Your appointment is booked.

Meghna called up City hospital for booking an appointment for her mother in law and informed the receptionist that ____ (a) Dr. Gopan Mugherjee. The receptionist politely informed Meghna ___ (b), any time between 3.40 and 4.20. Meghna requested the receptionist to ___ (c) and furnished with her name and age. The receptionist wanted to know the address for booking so Meghna told her the address was ___ (d). Finally the receptionist ___ (e) and informed ___ (f).

3. Gap Filling – Reported Speech 2

  • Officer – Stay where you are. If you make a move, I will have to fire, because there is an explosive in your bag.
  • Niranjan – Officer, wait! I have no idea how this explosive got into my bag. Do not shoot even if I move because I am standing on a moving escalator!

The officer ordered Niranjan ………… (a) where he was. He told that ………… (b) a move because he believed there was an explosive in his bag. Panic stricken, Niranjan requested the officer ………… (c) and explained ………… (d). He then brought to the officer’s notice that he was not to be shot even if he moved because …… (e).


1. Gap Filling. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words of your choice. (4 marks)

What happened the other day with Malik Ram was ___ (a). Malik was our milk-man, known to the whole colony as Milka because Milka has his profession and name. Like all the ___ (b) in our colony, he too was standing on the roadside expecting to ___ (c) a glimpse of the US President who passed by MG Road during his ___ (d) to India last week. The open limousine in which the President ___ (e) was almost approaching us standing ___ (f) a tree when the President himself ___ (g) from the huge car and walked to Milka. Taking Milka by hand, the President took him to his car, made Milka sit with him in the middle row and, while we all ___ (h) in utter amazement, closed the door.

2. Convert to Passive Voice:

  1. The two sons celebrated their parents’ wedding anniversary without inviting them!
  2. How do you make your customers buy your products?
  3. She had loved only one of her sons while she disliked the other.

3. Editing – replace the incorrect word with a correct word on every line:

  1. “Do not hurt your mother and father when you do not want the
  2. wrath of God fall besides you!” This is a warning that
  3. every religion teach and every son and daughter
  4. are afraid of. In spite of all these warnings and
  5. threatening, sons and daughter keep hurting there
  6. mothers and fathers. Should we place a blame only
    upon children?
1. Write a story with the following beginning. (7 marks. 170 – 200 words)

‘Pratham was a small boy of 12 years. He was very good at heart, very helpful, very obedient but the only problem was that he didn’t believe in Gods. His grandmother was greatly worried about this so she decided to teach him a lesson.’

2. Article

India and China are destinations of foreign companies that manufacture food to pesticides. Although this gives employment opportunities to millions of unemployed people, these countries become the factories of the world – dumping places, polluted and deadly breeding grounds of epidemics. Write an article on the pros and cons of foreign direct investment, its negative impact upon a territory and possible remedies. You are Simon Pareekar or Smita Aggarwal. (5 marks. 150 words)

Fill in the blanks with the correct choice:

If you are poor and therefore cannot get the privileges that the rich ….. (a. enjoy/enjoys), it is either because your family is too big or your ancestors ….. (b. haven’t been/hadn’t been) good at planning. The best solution is family …… (c. plan/planned/planning). There is great fun ….. (d. to have/having) more than 1 brother or 1 sister but when we …. (e. think/thinks) of the burden of this population on the country, we should …. (f. opt/opted) out of that luxury.

Editing – There is an incorrect word on every line.
  1. Respected Sir, this is to brings to your serious notice
  2. that my son’s grammar have been found weakened all of a sudden.
  3. Until last semester, no remarkable errors has been noticed
  4. but what have become of his English, we are clueless.
  5. He say, “I knows” for I know and “she bark at me” for she barks at me.
  6. Kindly consider this discrepancy seriously and finds a solution for this.
Omission – There is a word missing on every line
  1. Albert Einstein not a happy student
  2. when he was studying Munich.
  3. He was rather aggressive and rebellious
  4. student who questioned teachers and
  5. taught a lesson each day. In fact he
  6. was distressed with the method teaching
  7. that the teachers had adopted children
  8. of varying intelligences tastes..

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