March Assignments – Grade 4


Punctuate the Following:

  1. ram and peter are friends
  2. are you coming to the party on monday
  3. french is a beautiful language do you know why i have no idea
  4. ram peter and lee are friends they are my neighbors
  5. before 1947 pakistan and india were one country

Replace the underlined names with pronouns (he, his, him; she, her, her)

  1. Ram is my neighbor. Ram (a) has two brothers. Every morning I meet Ram (b) at the bus stop where Ram (c) waits for Ram’s (d) school bus.
  2. Peter is a cow-boy. Peter (a) lives on the mountain with Peter’s (b) mother and grandmother. Peter’s (c) mother tells Peter (d) stories about Indians.
  3. Lee is Lee’s (a) parents’ only daughter.  Lee (b) doesn’t go to school because Lees’ (c) mother thinks that Lee (d) should not study.

1. Write a paragraph in 100 – 150 words about ‘the importance of outdoor games.’ 

  1. What are the kinds of outdoor games.
    1. Football
    2. Hide and seek
    3. Cricket
  2. Why we should play out.
    1. Makes good physique / body
    2. Proper blood circulation
    3. Make friends and become social beings
  3. What happens if we do not play out.
    1. Obesity
    2. Weakness
    3. Over-weight
    4. Heart problems
  4. Solutions.
1. Punctuate the Following:
  1. mary asked are you mr tom
  2. hello sam i have never imagined meeting you in beijing like this
  3. our politicians say that economic progress is the prime issue in fact it is ppp poverty population and pollution
3. Gap Filling – Personal Pronouns
  1. Rita told ___ mother that ___ friends were going to Shimla.
  2. Mother asked ___ if ___ also wished to accompany ____.
  3. Rita replied that ___ wished to go but ___ was not sure if ___ father would be willing to pay Rs. 5000.
  4. Rita’s father heard this conversation as ___ came in that moment.
  5. ___ asked the two of ___ what they had been talking about.
  6. Rita told ___ about the trip to Shimla and about ___ wish to join ___.
1. Spelling Exercise
  1. Yesterday I went to buy three kilograms of _____ (anions/onions).
  2. The shopkeeper took the _____ (wait/weight) and charged hundred rupees.
  3. I ____ (baught/bought) some _____ (vegitables/vegetables) as well.
  4. On the way back, I ____ (so/sow/saw) some ____ (men/mens/mans) fighting on the road.
  5. I ____ (didnt/dint/didn’t) know why they were fighting so I ran home.
  6. Half the way home, I met my ____ (neybor/neighbor/neibhor) Mr. Peter.
  7. He was a ____ (helthy/healthy) man with a loving ____ (hart/heart)
  8. He told me to run home as there were clashes between two ____ (groops/groups).
  9. I ran home with all my ____ (strength/streangth) and reached before sunset.
  10. When mother ____ (opend/opened) door for me, it began to ____ (reign/rain).
2. Paragraph writing

Write a paragraph of 10 sentences about friendship.

3. Frame sentences with the following words:
  • Obesity /obese – Very fat due to over-eating and lack of exercise.
  • Difficulty – A hard situation
  • Pride – Feeling proud of oneself or someone else.
  • Fake – Unreal; not genuine
  • Necessary – Something without which we cannot manage to do something.
  • Take pain – Suffer
1. Arrange the sentences in order:
  1. In fact this was a haunted house.
  2. Peter and Lee were going home one day.
  3. None of them had carried an umbrella that day.
  4. Suddenly it began to rain.
  5. A ghost used to live there.
  6. So they ran to a deserted house.
1. Conjunctions – And, but, because, so, if and though.
  1. Peter is my cousin. Lee is not my cousin.
  2. Peter failed in the exam. He had worked hard.
  3. Lee is crying out loud. A scorpion has stung him.
  4. It was raining. Lee did not come to play.
  5. Peter plays well. He plays well on warm days.
2. Paragraphs
  1. Write a paragraph on ‘it pains me to go to a zoo because the animals in the cages are not really happy.’
3. Prepositions
  1. I explained ____ Susan that it can take several weeks to get a visa to visit Canada.
    1. to
    2. at
    3. no preposition
  2. If you’re placing that advertisement in an Indian newspaper, you’d better translate it ____ Hindi or Tamil.
    1. to
    2. into
    3. no preposition
  3. I need to talk ____ a doctor to get some advice on my health.
    1. into
    2. to
    3. at
  4. How are you feeling? Have you recovered ____ your malaria fever yet?
    1. to
    2. no preposition
    3. from
  5. Ben is unemployed. He did look for a job for a while, but then he gave ____.
    1. in
    2. up
    3. out
  6. Let me get the check. You paid ____ dinner last time.
    1. in
    2. for
    3. to
  7. You remind me ____ my sister Richelle.
    1. to
    2. of
    3. no preposition
  8. The book club members got together to talk ____ the book The Otherwise Men.
    1. at
    2. about
    3. to
  9. Poor Mr. Krishang! He suffers _____ headaches.
    1. to
    2. at
    3. from.
  10. I have been brought ____ by my uncle Keshav Sen.
    1. In
    2. Up
    3. About.
1. Diary
  1. Write a diary entry about your spending ten thousand (rupees/dollars, etc) that your parents were planning to celebrate your birthday with for helping the people of a nearby slum. Write how you feel now. Write how you helped the children.
1. Debate

Prepare a debate in 10 – 15 sentences in favor or against the topic – The best of all seasons is Summer. Study the debate and speak in the class. Make sure that your partner and you do not speak on the same.

1. Tense
  1. Yesterday I ____ (a. was coming / is coming) from my neighbor’s house.  I ____ (b. had gone / went) to borrow a book from her.  I ____ (c. get / got) late so I ____ (d. walk / walked) very fast. As I ____ (e. was/is) walking like that, an old man ____ (f. overtake / overtook) me. He ____ (g. walk / walked) so fast that I ____ (h. cannot / could not) believe my eyes.
2. D Family – D+V1
  1. Do you ____ (knows / know) my name?
  2. I did not ____ (knew / know) that it was your house.
  3. She ____ (does / do) to know how to write.
  4. They did not ____ (wanted / want) anything.
  5. She did not ____ (pass / passed) in the exam.
3. H Family – H+V3
  1. I have not ____ (say / said) so.
  2. Have you ____ (complete /completed) your work?

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