Magazine Reports

5 Things you should know about Magazine Reports:

A magazine report needn’t be as sensational-looking and “breaking” as a news report.

Paragraph One

  • What happened – The residential association conducted a debate competition to boost the speaking skills…
  • When happened – The seminar was held on the 4th of October, Friday, from 12pm to 4pm…
  • Where happened – The program was held at the new auditorium…
  • Who organized – Organized by Student’s Dramatics Club of the school…
  • Who participated – Attended by more than three hundred students, their parents and select representatives…

Paragraph Two

How – Procedure

  • Inauguration
  • Welcome speech
  • First program
  • Second program
  • Third program
  • “A live quote/quotation in quotation marks.”
  • Closing program

Paragraph Three

  • The end of the program
  • Participants’ review

More Samples

School organised Literacy Program in Slum
By Resham Anant/Class XII

The school, in collaboration with Learn India, Learn Organization, held a massive literacy program in three slums in the North East Delhi with a noble view to encourage slum children to take active participation in learning at their very absorbing age.

The program was inaugurated by Miss Medha Tripati, honorable Education Minister at 10 am in the presence of a thousand students and an equal number of volunteers including their parents, teachers of various schools and NGOs. Followed by this, the Principal, Mr. RK Shekhar, gave a final instruction to the participants and in groups of fifty and hundred, participants moved to the three slums on foot, by bus and by own conveyance.

The Principal in his vote of thanks mentioned the names of some students and teachers who took extreme pain to make this event a reality. He urged the students to come up with similar useful programs in the future too. Mr. Klen Roberts, the director of the Learn India Learn, expressed his heart-felt gratitude to the students and teachers of the program and gave away awards for the five best students. With a light dinner and a photo session the great event came to an end by 7.35.

Water conservation program
By Vidhya Sreedhar, XI B

The school organized a one day program for all the students and over 100 students from over ten schools of the capital on the importance of water conservation. Many experts from various environmental organizations gave classes and exhibitions.

The program was held on Sunday, 12 July, and started at 11 am with the inaugural speech by Miss Revati Aggarwal, a leading environmentalist from Jaipur. Followed by this students were divided into four groups under titles such as Rain, Water, Wind and Fire. Each group was given classes on the need to conserve water and various methods for that. After a break at 02 pm, it was time for a half an hour skit on the catastrophic end of water in the world, staged by students of MMS, Kolkatta and directed by Mr. Atul Bhatia of Indian Rain Heritage, New Delhi. The skit held the breath of all the participants for a pretty long time and made them realize the impact of water scarcity in the coming days. By 4pm the event came to an end with a number of brief programs among which the distribution of a multicolor poster describing various kinds of water conservation methods was most striking. The participants were awarded certificates.

The vice Principal, Mr. Jha, expressed the school’s heartiest gratitude to the experts and activists and thanked the students who staged various programs. Finally all the participants got dispersed with a heart full of concern for the water that would rain down the next time.

Seminar on Female Safety by SHE
By Ridhima Gupta, XII B

More than two hundred girls of the senior section had a great time listening and discussing various means and ways of making safety for women in Delhi a reality during a three hour seminar conducted by SHE, an NGO that works for women and girls in the capital, on 22 December. The seminar was reported to be the first such held in a school in Delhi and held the breath of all the participants till the end.

It was at 1 at noon that the Principal informed all the classes about the seminar and there followed a great hurry to get organised in a fraction of ten minutes. SHE being a very popular group and the organizers internationally acclaimed, students took utmost interest in the seminar that finally began at 1.30 and the audience was packed. With an opening song sung by Usha Narayan, one of the oldest members of the group, the seminar began to stir fires. “Are we to be lost on footpaths?” a question asked by Shiela Mixit, the chief of the SHE in her speech shocked the floor with her infuriating yet calm questionnaire. She said that it was time women stopped depending on man to fight back.

After the break, when the seminar resumed, the picture began to change. Dr. Valsamma Mohan, a member of the team talked about the importance of women behaving in the society. She blamed women and girls for their new trends of dressing that call men’s attention. She asked the participants why they are so eager to expose vital body parts by wearing short skirts, broad-neck blouses, transparent fabrics that flaunt innerwear and tight leggings and a lot of makeup. Having given a shock to the participants, Dr. Valsamma also said that women too are responsible for such happenings and it is two sided.

At last at 4.30 when the seminar came to an end with a short play staged by SHE members, the audience sat in silence and the Principal thanked the organizers and participants.

Celebration of International Elders’ Day
By Pramod Khan, Class XI H

The school celebrated International Elders’ Day on 14th December to commemorate and respect the elderly in the society and to spread awareness among the youth and children about the importance of taking care of the aged. It was celebrated in the school auditorium from 12 pm to 5.30 pm.

The story….

Speech… thanks giving…. one act play ….

Questions for Practice
  1. Write a school magazine report on a literacy awareness program your school conducted in Uttar Pradesh (UP, India). You are Maria Hussein/Martin Hexagon, class XII B, St. Francis’ School, Lucknow.
  2. Write a magazine report for your Residential Bulletin published twice every year, reporting the talk given by eminent social organizer Arnold Michael on the topic of Residential Safety in the Changing City Life, a month ago. You are Murthy, Secretary, Kailash Residential Welfare Association, Mahe.

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