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Letters to Principals and Teachers

Sample 1 – Request for Special Permission

Class IX C, Maxfort School
Dartmoor, England – 22

12 April 2088

The Principal
Maxfort School
Dartmoor, England – 22

Subject – Request to grand special permission to convert school’s land into a forest.

Respected Madam

With utmost respect, a group of students would like to submit a rare request for your kind consideration. As you know, there is an unused piece of land behind the school. It is estimated that this piece of land stretches a span on two acres. Some of the students who have made a study of this land have found out that it is filled with coarse grass in the center and 

We have made a detailed plan of the further proceedings in the event of acquiring due permission. We are more than 200 boys and girls from class 5 onward.

Yours truly
Aradhana Sharma and Mark Burgzer

Sample 2 – Request to Participate in a Sports Event

Subject – Request to Participate in March Past

Respected Madam

As the Sprts Day is approaching, I would like to request you to to grant me permission to participate in one of the events. I have great interest in march past, an item I have participated several times in my school days. I would like to brink to your notice that I have always been a winner too. If you permit me to take part in this event, I would do my best to stand first and keep the college’s name high.

Yours sincerely,
Shejo Joy

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