Letters – Level 2


Class IX C, Maxfort School
Dartmoor, England – 22

12 April 2088

The Principal
Maxfort School
Dartmoor, England – 22

Subject – Request to grand special permission to convert school’s land into a forest.

With utmost respect, a group of students would like to submit a rare request for your kind consideration.

We have made a detailed plan of the further proceedings in the event of acquiring due permission. We are more than 200 boys and girls from class 5 onward.

Yours truly
Aradhana Sharma and Mark Burgzer

Beginning Sentences
  • This is to bring to your kind notice that class VII B has not been able to learn science for the last 15 days because our science teacher Ms. Rukmini Devi has been on leave….
  • Kindly notice that our classroom, which is on the third floor gets messy during rains….
Content Paragraph
  • Facts – To begin with, the classroom is over-packed this year. There are 45 students in the class with 42 seating facility.
  • Causes – This disrespect has been caused by a new trend among students who have just
  • Consequences –
  • Solutions – It is therefore requested to shift our classroom to room number
  • It is high time the management had looked into the matter seriously…
  • On behalf of all students who are the victims of this phenomenon, I request you to….
  • It wll be greatly apreciated if something could be done in the earliest
  1. Write a letter to your Principal, requesting her/him to organize a special class for science as your science teacher has been on leave since 13th August till date. All the students of your class/form are much stressed about the upcoming exam. You are Charan, 123/B, Civil Lines, Mumbai – 34
  2. You are Mitra, head-girl, class 7 B, McLearn School, Dehradun. Your classroom is closely adjacent to the school canteen so at times it is very hard to bear the disturbances and the smell of snacks. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of the school.

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