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Letter Placing Order – Samples

Sample 1

Topper’s School,
Yorkshire – 565656

1 March 2012

The Supply Manager
Yorkshire East – 565643


Subject – Placing order for sports equipments

After having a detailed survey of the market, we wish to place a bulk order for the supply of cricket kits, badminton racquets and other sports equipment from your showroom. We fully agree with your terms and conditions. Here is a detailed list of items:

Cricket Bats 12 Nos. Cosco
Badminton Rackets 8 Nos. Cosco
Basketball 4 Nos. Cosco

We are sending a demand draft for $ 200 along with this letter. Any substandard items will be returned at your expense in a week’s time. Looking forward to an earliest delivery,

Yours sincerely
William O Henry

Sample 2

12 B, Gem Advertising
Al Wahab Street, Doha

1 March 2014

The Manager
Printing and Packing Section
Royal Books
Abu Hamour, Doha

Subject – Placing order for bulk printing work


This is with reference to our previous communication regarding the print work of three books. The details are given below:

(Make a chart and write the content in it. On top of the chart, that is, in the first raw, write Serial number, Title, Pages, Page sizes, Color, Cover, etc.)

We hope you would complete the printing jobs with a week’s time with all binding, cropping and additional works included. Kindly note which books get a hard cover and which one gets a paperback. All the books are black and white and the sizes are well mentioned. Any delay in the completion would cause serious damage to our reputation in the industry as our clients are from royal families here in Doha and Dubai.

We have already made an advance payment of $23000 at the Doha Bank and the remaining payment will be made at the time of the completion of the work. We hope to get the books delivered in time.

Yours most truly
Muhammad Kalaam

Things to Remember


  • The “Sender’s Address” can be in the form of a letter head.
  • The “to” address should begin with the designation of the person who is supposed to receive the letter, not his/her name.

Body of the letter

Before the chart of information

  1. Begin with, “This is with reference to the quotation letter that your firm sent us…” Or, “We wish to place an order from your company as we have heard about the quality and range of your products…”
  2. “We are pleased with the terms and conditions…”
  3. We are ready to enter into a long term relation with you…”
  4. “Please find below a list of products we require.” or, “The particulars of the items and their numbers are given below.”

The chart

  1. Draw a perfect chart. You need not to draw a chart in all cases. You can just have list as well.
  2. In the chart/list, mention details such as “S. No, Particulars, Quantity,” etc.
Item No Quantity Material Dimensions
123, Sofa 2 Teak 12″x2″
124, Dining Table 1 Rose 16″x6″
126, Chairs 8 Teak 3″x3″x6″
198, Bureau 1 Maple 25″x 30″
192, Pillows 5 Cotton Medium
After the chart of information
  1. “Please note that the damaged items need to be reshipped within a week’s time of receiving such information from our side.”
  2. “We are ready for any mode of payment provided that…”
  3. “Attached is a a demand draft for Rs. 2,00,000.”
  4. “We solicit your immediate involvement in any case of on-road faults…”
  5. “We look forward to a timely delivery…”
  6. Legal issues will be dealt with in courts of Haryana and Delhi only…”
  7. We hope to receive the student discount of 20% on every book we purchase…
Practice Questions
  1. Write a letter placing order for the following pieces of furniture from Alora Wood Works, Shahranpur, Himachal Pradesh. You are Namrata Seth/Kalyan Shetty.
    1. Sofa – Product No. 0011
    2. Dining table – Product No. 0058, 1 piece
    3. Chairs – Product No. 0023, 6 pieces
    4. Chest of drawers – Product No. 0092, 1 piece
    5. Bureau – Product No. 0098, 1 piece
  2. Write a letter placing order for the following books from Amazonal Books, King’s Market, Kaula Lumpur. You are Sakhi Khanna/Siddique Johnson, White Villa, Kaula Lumpur.
    1. Evidences for Evidences by Milton Francis, 3 copies, discount voucher ID 221122
    2. King James’ Original Bible, 21st Volume, 1 copy, discount voucher ID 221123
    3. A Book of our Times, Henry Ellikson, 2 copies, discount voucher ID 221124
  3. You are Sita Ram, asst. manager, Yamaha Motors, Kamala Nagar, Delhi. Write a letter to HM Accessories, Mumbai, placing order for 1000 pieces of stainless steel logos for a new model of bikes to be launched in a month’s time. Mention that there had been communications regarding this a month ago and that you need the delivery in a weeks’ time.
  4. You are Arun Issac, Vice Principal, Townvale French School, Alsace, France. Write a letter to the Chief Supply Officer, Le Mans Agricultural Department, to send you 500 saplings of garden trees of the popular kinds for your school before 12 of March. Mention that you would like to avail the 25% discount on items ordered for education institutions and the 10% discount under French Government Agriculture Act.
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