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Letter of Complaint & Reply


Woodcutters Inc could not deliver the furniture to Eureka Forbes in working condition. During delivery, the conference table went shaky and the cushion padding of the sofa suffered deep damage. Only chairs escaped any sort of injury. Write a letter of complaint with immediate effect to the Delivery Department, Woodcutters Inc. Janakpuri, Delhi 112233 to redress your grievances.

Eureka House
Gandhi Road, NOIDA, 223344
Bill No – 2323H17/G

2nd March, 2015

The Delivery Manager
Woodcutters’ Inc, Janakpuri – 110076

Subject: Complaint regarding furniture delivery


This is with reference to the delivery of the seven pieces of furniture delivered by your company on 29 February, 2017 against the full payment of 120,000. We appreciate the timely delivery but we are sorry to inform you that we will not be maintaining any transactions with your showroom. The delivered furniture is in a very sorry condition. The cushion padding of the sofa is deeply torn for a stretch of three feet and is irreparable. The polishing of the chairs suffered terrible damage.

We have returned the complete delivery by the same truck after assessing the repairable damage. Kindly repay the amount received by you at the earliest.

Yours sincerely
Mohan Bhagat

Sample 2

You are Navneet of 65/NH Road, Bangalore. Recently you bought a home theatre consisting of a huge LCD screen and SONY speakers and woofers with onsite warranty from Selectronics Plaza, Kiddingtown, Bangalore – 55. The huge LCD as well as the woofers have been now found defective or substandard. Write a letter to the dealer giving details of the nature of the defects (discrepancies) and seek an immediate attempt from his side to do the needful.

65/NH Road
Bangalore -33

12th November 2017

The Sales in Charge
Selectronics Plaza
Kiddingtown, Bangalore – 55

Subject: Request to replace/repair home theatre


This is to bring to your notice that the home theatre SN 7879, which I purchased from your showroom on 30 October 2015 with bill number RYE24/15, has just started malfunctioning. On the first day its performance was ground-breaking but before anyone of us knew, on the second day, its display went erratic and sound cracked. Although we have been trying your customer care, they hang up the phone after having made me stay on line for twenty minutes in the least.

It was with great expectations and trust that I chose your showroom about which I heard from advertisements and friends. Honestly speaking, I am greatly disappointed for having made a choice as yours. Kindly look into the matter personally and send your representatives to my residence on any date and at any time of your convenience at the earliest.

Yours truly
Navneet Singh


  1. Photocopy of Invoice
  2. Photocopy of Warranty Card

Styling – Complaint Letter


  • It was with immense trust placed in the quality of your ultramodern products that our company had placed an order for
  • I would like to bring to your notice…
  • I would like to appreciate the accuracy of the machines sold by your company over the years but…

The Complaints

  • However, the biggest trouble with it was that the machine produced more noise than claimed by your company…
  • Sadly, the three puppies your delivery men had brought to us were not the least Japanese…

Closing Lines

  • A prompt response to this letter will be greatly appreciated…
  • I would like to request you to look into this matter personally…

Styling – Reply to Complaint Letter

Subject – Reply to your complaint regarding discrepant delivery.


  • ABC Company expresses its deep regrets to the serious fault committed in the delivery of the order you have placed on 22nd of November with bill number 56G-498/07…

Cause of the discrepancy

  • The fault so occurred because of ….
  • We admit that the damage and delay was caused due to…


  • The company will reship the same order by 29th November, Monday which will reach your address within three working days…
  • The company is also refunding 50% of the payment which you have paid for the purchase…


  • The company will make sure that similar discrepancy will not occur in the future.
  • The company wishes to continue to serve you and retain the warm relations we have maintained for the last seven years.

Yours most truly,
Mr. Arvind Thakur, Sales & Redressal Manager

Questions for Practice

  1. You have bought a washing machine from Selectronics City, Gurgaon on 22nd February, 2016 with bill number CC45B8-16 with three years of onsite warranty. Unfortunately, the 3.5 ton machine has starting malfunctioning. Even after your repeated calls to the customer care, you have not been given any service by the company. Write a letter of complaint to the Sales Manager, Selectronics City, Gurgaon – 01. You are Fazal Narayan, 1/D, Kailash Nagar, Palampur.
  2. Write a reply to the above letter of complaint to Fazal Narayan explaining/confessing your shop’s failure in responding to him and in redressing his complaints in time. You are Shareef Moos, Assistant Sales Manager, Selectronics City, Gurgaon – 12.
  3. You have been shocked to see that many people take bath and wash their cattle in fresh-water canals meant for water treatment in Delhi. Write a letter of complaint to Mr. Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi about the contamination of water that flows into water-treating plants in Delhi. You are Aditya Vohra, 3 Blue Lane, Rohini West, Delhi – 22.

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