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Invitations or invites are the sweetest kinds of letters. We write invitations on a number of occasions – formal and informal.

  • In fact informal invitations have no limits.
  • You can invite your friends, relatives, or anyone whom you can address “Hi” and “hello” anyway you like but when it comes to formal invitations, you have to restrict your freedom.
  • You cannot invite your local MP or a film-star, “Hi Bro, there is a party we gonna throw on Monday. Do come to inaugurate the same. See Yaa. Bye! Take care!”
Invitation media

You can write/design/draft an invitation on multiple platforms:

  • Design in a card and enclose in an envelope (mostly formal)
  • Write on plain paper or letter pad and enclose in an envelope (mostly formal)
  • Draft as an email and send directly (mostly formal)
  • Design and hand over in person (both)
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  • Formal Printed Invitations
  • Formal replies – Accepting and Declining
  • Informal Invitations – Letter format
Informal invitations

Informal invitations are drafted for the following occasions:

  • On the occasion of a birthday
  • On the occasion of your parents’ wedding anniversary
  • On the occasion of your sister’s engagement/ring ceremony/wedding
  • On the occasion of a party that throw to welcome your old friends home
  • Begin with sender’s address, date, receiver’s address
  • Salutation of your choice
  • Write the content loosely but be precise. Invitation is shorter than a letter.
  • Do not fail to provide specific details of the function, venue, date.
  • Make the invitee feel the warmth of the invitation so use words from the core of heart.
  • You can even draw a route map.
  • Dear Charley, you will be thrilled to know that Marcy has finally agreed to pursue her further studies in London…
  • Charley, I am most obliged to you throughout my life for my getting selected for the Madagascar team…
  • Dear Diana, it is with welling excitement that I invite you to be part of my sister’s engagement with Spencer…
Example | Informal Invitation

12/C, Palace Road
New York – 11

16 March 2100

Dear Frank,
Emily and I are throwing a party on the occasion our parents’ 39th wedding anniversary that falls on this Saturday, the 25th of this month at our residence. It will be a pleasure if you would join us with family for the celebrations. Hope to see you soon.

Yours sincerely

Example | Reply to Informal Invitation

33, Park Avenue
New York – 12

17 March 2100

Dear Peter and Emily,
Thank you for the kind invitation to your parents’ wedding anniversary. It is a pleasure to think of them and being able to spend time with them is always memorable. Unfortunately for us, my sons are in India for a month’s visit and we are joining them on the 24th. We regret our inability to decline the invitation. We extend our prayers for Mr. and Mrs. Cooks.

Yours sincerely

Formal Invitations
  • Inviting a dignitary to preside over a function
  • Inviting a celebrity to inaugurate your new showroom
  • Formal Invitation are generally sent on occasions such as grand weddings, anniversaries and mass functions involving a big crowd of invitees.
  • Formal Invitations are sent to individuals for a less grand function such as a formal wedding anniversary, formal alumni meeting, etc. In this kind of invitation, we write, “Mr. Arvind Malhotra cordially seeks the pleasure of Mr. and Mrs. Singh, on the auspicious occasion of….”
  • Write as if it is written by a third person. It is not, “I and my wife invite you to our son’s wedding” but, “Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra cordially solicit the presence of Mr. and Mrs….”
  • Do not use I, we, and you and their other forms.
  • Follow the letter format with from address and date but no need to write salutation such as, dear, sir, etc.
  • Begin with the host’s name, such as, “Mr. Peter is glad to invite Mr. Alexander…”
  • For invitations inviting dignitaries as judges or chief guests, it is just a single paragraph.
  • No I, We, You. Only Third Persons
  • Write inside a box.
Next – Sample – Functions

The Principal, staff and students of
Townvale Public School
cordially invite your presence on the occasion of the 

Golden Jubilee Celebrations

of the school
on 21st December, 2012, Monday, from 05.00 pm to 09.00 pm at
King’s Stadium, Model Town. 

Mr. Shah Rukh Khan
will be our proud guest of honor for the day.

Kindly be seated before 4.50. This invitation admits only three people.

A detailed rout map is overleaf.

Charles Frost Asst. Principal 077-22-13-5654

Next – Sample – Wedding Invitation

Mrs. and Mr. Jain
cordially solicit your benign presence

on the auspicious occasion of the marriage of their son

(D/o Mrs. and Mr. Lala Jain)

on the 23rd of April, 2012, Monday, evening at
Rajouri Park Hotel, Rajouri Garden, Delhi.


Baraat : 8 30
Grand Dinner : 11:30

RSVP 011-223344
Best Compliments from Raghav, Raju and friends

Best Complements from
Mahesh, Peter and Pinku

Next – Sample – Inviting dignitaries

Your school, Lord Buddha School, Gaya, is celebrating its 300th Anniversary in the month of December. The program is expected to last a week. To this, invite Mr. A. K. Antony, Honorable Prime Minister to precede over the occasion of the closing day programs. You are Ms. Sukanya, Principal.


Lord Buddha School
Gaya – 112233

12 March 2017

Principal of Lord Buddha School, Gaya, cordially invites Mr. A. K. Antony, Honorable Prime Minister, to the closing day celebrations of the school’s 300th Anniversary in the month of December, preferably in the second half of the month. The entire school hopes that the honorable Prime Minister would definitely keep a part of his very precious time for this noble cause and appreciate an early reply from his office.

Most sincerely
Shankar Dev Rana

Next – Sample – Reply – Accepting

Prime Minister’s Office
New Delhi – 110011

16 March 2017

Mr. A K Antony feels privileged to be invited to inaugurate the closing day celebrations of the 300th Anniversary of Lord Buddha School, Gaya. With cheers for the programs, he accepts the invitation and confirms his availability from 2 pm to 5 pm, Saturday, 12 March.

Ms. Urmila Devi (Private Secretary)

Next – Sample – Reply – Declining

Prime Minister’s Office
New Delhi – 110011

16 March 2017

Mr. A K Antony, the honorable Prime Minister feels privileged to be invited to inaugurate the closing day celebrations of the 300th Anniversary of Lord Buddha School, Gaya. He would have been equally glad to accept the invitation but he deeply regrets his unavailability due to a foreign program in the same month. However, he wishes all success for the program.

Ms. Urmila Devi (Private Secretary)





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