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Integrated Grammar Practice – CBSE

Attempt the following integrated grammar practice questions for high-school students. The sections include editing, omission, gap filling, rearranging jumbled sentences to test your knowledge of passive voice, reported speech, articles and the other determiners, modals, tense, etc.


  1. Subjects
  2. Nouns
  3. Pronouns
  4. Verbs


Editing means you have to find out an incorrect word from each line and replace it with its correct form. The easiest method involves 3 steps. Step 1 – Read and understand the passage. Step 2 – Locate the incorrect word. Step 3 – Replace the incorrect word with another word from its family. For example, if you think ‘have’ is the incorrect word, consider other members of its family, that is, ‘has and had.’

Have a look at verb families

Verb Families

  1. Be Family Verbs: Is, am, are, was, were, will, shall; be, been, being
  2. H Family Verbs: Have, has, had
  3. D Family Verbs: Do, does, did
  4. M Family Verbs: May, might; can, could, should, would, ought to, must, need
  5. Transitive Verbs: Advice, feed, apply, etc
  6. Intransitive Verbs – Sleep, recover, die, etc

NB: Words like is, am, was, has, does (all ending in S) are used with singular subjects.

States of a Verb (example: “feed”)

  1. V1 – Feed
  2. Vs – Feeds
  3. V2 – Fed
  4. V3 – Fed
  5. Ving – Feeding




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