Informal Letters

Let’s begin with a very short example!

Simple Sample 1

24, Vikas Colony, Shalimarbagh
Delhi – 110088

08 March 2015

Dearest Meeta

You will be pleased to know that Mohan has been finally selected in the interview. He has got placed in the water purification section of Eureka Forbes, NOIDA. You can imagine how happy we are, after all these months. To celebrate this wonderful achievement, we are throwing a lovely party for all our sweet friends at our residence on Monday, 12th March.

Do come with family.

Yours truly


  • Sender’s address
  • Date
  • Dear or Hi
  • Paragraph one
  • Paragraph two
  • Paragraph three
  • Yours lovingly, truly
  • Name of the writer

Another Sample

121/CH, City Hospital
Bengaluru – 330088

25th January 2017

Dear Somya,

I am glad to hear that you have been picked up by NASA for its Student in Space 2017 program. To be frank, I feel proud of this wonderful achievement that has added glow to your life. I can very well feel the thrill you experience at present.

In the previous letter you have just informed me that you will leave to NASA headquarters in June. What will be duration of your training? How many students are participating in this greatly looked for event? I guess you will have to spend a few days in the Space Station. How wonderful and thrilling will those days be!

Convey my heartfelt regards to Sheetal and Sam. Have you started packing for the journey? In case you need me do any help, do call me any time.

Yours truly,
Sha Sha Vat


Introduction | Beating around the bush

  • How are you? Hope you are in the pink of health….
  • Hi, Meera, thank you for writing such a wonderful letter…
  • I have just received your letter quite unexpectedly…
  • It was nice to hear from you after such a long time since we met in October…
  • Hi James! How are you doing in Tokyo?
  • You will be glad to know that Nancy and I are moving to Galesburg next week.
  • I can already anticipate your surprise at my writing a letter to you especially when we both know that a robust conversation between us is only a few ringtones away.
  • Hi, Sam, I reckon that you have been sailing in the same happy boat that we together sailed last September…
  • I have all reasons to trust my forebodings that you are in the best of your health…
  • Hope the almighty God has been so kind to you that you are enjoying your stay in Dehradun…

Main Message | Come to the point

  • Our Sumit is getting a job with a multinational company in the UK
  • In fact we have such a shortage of time to visit you once in a year…
  • It was all a misunderstanding and it was Peter who began the entire mess…
  • It took us a day and a half to get rid of the crisis…
  • Myna is also thrilled about the trip as are we all….

Conclusion | Closing

  • Give my best regards to Aunt Polly and Uncle Sam…
  • I hope to see you at Ram’s this Wednesday…
  • Everyone here says hi to you and sends you best wishes…
  • I am sure you will enjoy the trip…
  • See you there with family…
  • Hope that little information helped you in time.
  • That’s all for now; I have got to do my homework…

Practice Question 1

Your mom had often advised you not to use a phone while walking by busy roads but you were never a good listener. You had argued that there was nothing wrong about doing so. Yesterday, while walking home with you, your friend (invent a name) was hit by a speeding car (invent all details of the accident) because he was too busy texting on his phone. Write a letter to your mom thanking her for her advice.

Dearest Mom

  1. Opening. (1 sentence – “I can very well predict that you will be surprised on receiving this letter.”)
  2. Your mom’s advice. (1 sentence)
  3. How negligent you had been with the advice. (1 sentence)
  4. What happened with your friend yesterday. (4 sentences)
  5. What have you learnt from the incident. (2 sentences)
  6. What resolutions have you taken. (2 sentences)
  7. A note of heart-felt thanks. (1/2 sentence/s)

Yours ever lovingly
Aby Sea

Questions for Practice

  1. Write a letter to your friend Kamala (AH 123, Punjabibagh West, Delhi 110055)  expressing your deep felt sadness on the sudden death of her pet cat Nancy in an accident. You are Sushmita, 12/B, Karol Bagh, Delhi, 110066.
  2. Write a letter to your cousin Elsa about a new tutor who has just started teaching you Guitar in a way that is amazingly easy and quick. You are thrilled at having found such a trainer. Write all about the new teacher and how you feel.
  3. You are Kunal Khanna, 2/3, Civil Lines, New Delhi. Write a letter to your cousin Khushi Arora, describing a one day trip that made with your family to Lotus Temple and three other places in your city.


  1. Wow the letters are wonderful and the additional questions and answers are bueatiful of chapters

    On 12th of march their is my english board exam of 1oth standard

    And this helped me a lot



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