Informal Invitation

Informal invitations are drafted for the following occasions:

  • On the occasion of a birthday
  • On the occasion of your parents’ wedding anniversary
  • On the occasion of your sister’s engagement/ring ceremony/wedding
  • On the occasion of a party that throw to welcome your old friends home
  • Begin with sender’s address, date, receiver’s address
  • Salutation of your choice
  • Write the content loosely but be precise. Invitation is shorter than a letter.
  • Do not fail to provide specific details of the function, venue, date.
  • Make the invitee feel the warmth of the invitation so use words from the core of heart.
  • You can even draw a route map.
Sample Lines
  • Dear Charley, you will be thrilled to know that Marcy has finally agreed to pursue her further studies in London…
  • Charley, I am most obliged to you throughout my life for my getting selected for the Madagascar team…
  • Dear Diana, it is with welling excitement that I invite you to be part of my sister’s engagement with Spencer…

Sample 1 – Wedding Anniversary

12/C, Palace Road
New York – 11

16 March 2100

Dear Frank,
Emily and I are throwing a party on the occasion our parents’ 39th wedding anniversary that falls on this Saturday, the 25th of this month at our residence. It will be a pleasure if you would join us with family for the celebrations. Hope to see you soon.

Yours sincerely

Reply to Informal Invitation

33, Park Avenue
New York – 12

17 March 2100

Dear Peter and Emily,
Thank you for the kind invitation to your parents’ wedding anniversary. It is a pleasure to think of them and being able to spend time with them is always memorable. Unfortunately for us, my sons are in India for a month’s visit and we are joining them on the 24th. We regret our inability to accept the invitation. We extend our prayers for Mr. and Mrs. Cooks.

Yours sincerely

Questions for Practice

  1. You are Mamta Mohan, resident of Kailash Colony, Chandigarh. You are throwing a special party to celebrate your daughter Seema’s outstanding performance in the class XII Board Examinations. Invite your neighbor Sunita Williams, an environmentalist and chief inspiration to Seema. Put your invitation informally.
  2. Your grandmother is completing her 100th years in a week’s time and you wish to celebrate it in a very special way. Send an invitation (Informal) to your friend Indulekha/ Mayank, to the function. Mention all the necessary details.

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