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In the Kingdom of Fools – A K Ramanujan

  1. Do you think that the king and his minister were idiots? What are your arguments supporting this?
    Yes,they both were idiots as they were not able to take decisions properly. Their decisions were very foolish. One example for their utter foolishness is that they changed the lives of people. They changed day into night and night into day.They ordered everyone to sleep in day and work at night.
  2. How did the bricklayer escape his punishment?
    The bricklayer argued that it was the mistake of a dancing girl who had attracted his attention while building the walls. He further argued that the girl was going up and down the street with her anklets jingling and so the bricklayer was not able to keep up with his work.
  3. What was the king’s attitude to the thief who had died while looting the man’s house?
    The king was very protective for the thief although it was the fault of the thief as he was looting the house.
  4. What was the guru’s advice for the disciple?
    The guru advised his disciple that he should not give upon his life for cheap food. The disciple had made up his mind for living in that foolish kingdom where he could get cheap food so guru warned him that the king of this kingdom was very foolish and could bring his life to trouble in the future.
  5. How did the guru save his disciple’s life?
  6. How did the guru and his disciple become the king and minister respectively?
  7. What were the guru’s conditions for accepting the kingship?
  8. Can you relate similar or closely similar political conditions prevailing in your country?
    Yes, there have been very similar occurrences in my country too. Like it happened in the imaginary kingdom of fools, many influential criminals are protected by the powerful and cunning politicians while the ordinary people are punished for petty crimes.

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