If Conditionals – If+V1¹, If+V², If+V³

If Conditionals

If conditionals present conditions.

  • If you study hard, you will pass the exam.
  • If they let you in, thank them for the permission.
  • If the crops yield better this time, I will buy you a cycle.

In Grammar, there are three (and more) kinds of conditionals depending on their possibility level.

If+V1¹ – High Possibility
  • If you meet Sam, inform him that I am not well for the match. (For sure)
  • If the giant sees you enter his garden, he will kill you. (For sure)
If+V² – Low Possibility
  • If I met Sam, I could tell him about you. (But I could not meet Sam yet)
  • If she came here in time, we could together talk to her. (But she has not yet come)
  • If they talked openly, they could solve this dispute. (But they have not talked so openly)
If+Had+V³ – Impossibility
  • If I had met Sam, I could have told him about you. (But it is too late!)
  • If she had come here in time, we could have together talked to her. (But too late!)
  • If they had talked openly, they could have solved this dispute. (Too late. They never talked openly)
If+Forced Past – Unreality
  • If I were you, I could convince the teacher. (But I can never be you)
  • If I were a bird! OR Only if I were a bird! (But I cannot be a bird)
  • If she were a man! (She is a woman)
Condition Agreement Type
Will Simple present 1
Would Simple Past 2
Would have Had 3

Sample Questions

  1. I ……. if you had asked me to stop it.
  2. The minister would resign if the Prime Minister …… to.
  3. We would have cancelled the match if …… .
  4. Rakesh will become a good son if his father …….. that he is not always right.
  5. I will vacate the room if you ……. another cigarette.

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