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This is how you lose 20% of your Marks

Language teachers, unlike the others, are a little more sophisticated and rigid. They do not like errors at all. They go mad on seeing too many corrections and errors. You lose marks as the teachers gets mad. To save your marks from these disciplinarians, you need to double-check the quality of your answers – before and while you write!

Below are the most common errors you commit.

Articles | A, an, the
  1. My uncle married an European woman.
  2. She is an useful girl.
  3. We met an one eyed dog.
  4. She had the breakfast with us.
  5. Tajmahal is magnificent.
  6. Man whom you helped was the king.
  1. My Uncle married a European woman.
  2. She is a useful girl.
  3. We met a one-eyed dog.
  4. She had breakfast with us.
  5. The Tajmahal is magnificent.
  6. The boy whom you have helped was the king.
Countable Vs Uncountable
  1. There are little trees.
  2. She has a little friends.
  3. She has few water in the can.
  1. There are few trees.
  2. She has a few friends.
  3. She has little water in the can.
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  1. One of my friend is a doctor.
  2. Price of vegetables are rising.
  3. Neither of the man was a thief.
  4. Sam as well as Ram are intelligent.
  5. Sam’s friends as well as Sam is coming.
  1. One of my friends is a doctor. (One of the means, “one out of the…”)
  2. Price of vegetables is rising.
  3. Neither of the men was a thief.
  4. Sam as well as Ram is intelligent. (As well as is not similar to “and.”)
  5. Sam’s friends as well as Sam are coming.
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