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Formal Letters & Business Letters


Formal letters communicate some message, complaint, advice of very serious nature. Usually such letters are letter to the editor of a daily, letter to your Principal, letter to the Director of an organization, letter to an MLA or MP or a minister, etc.

Format – Sample

Write a letter to the City Traffic Police Commissioner about the erratic traffic signals on your city’s roads which creates traffic chaos, jams, delay and accidents.

B2/58, Derawal Nagar – Sender’s address
Delhi – 110087 – Sender’s city, state, country and PIN Code

30 August 2012 – Date

The Commissioner – Designation of the receiver
City Traffic Police Headquarters – Receiver’s address
Delhi – 110022 – Receiver’s state, country, PIN Code

Subject – Erratic Traffic System

Sir – Salutation

I would like to bring to your immediate notice the sad picture of traffic signal lights on Delhi roads during peak hours of the day and during rains.

I am sorry to tell the truth that this disorder is to blamed on the traffic signal lights at intersections and the traffic police personnel posted at these places to monitor traffic in case of signal-light failure. It is common in this city that…

It will be a great help to millions of people of the city if you personally looked into this disaster and brought the system back to functioning. It is your responsibility as well as commitment to the nation that moves on roads rather than in the air.

Yours faithfully – Complimentary Close
Tanishq Gupta – Sender’s name


India Heritage, Kasauli,
Himachal Pradesh – 670951

June 10 2012

The Director
Department of Tourism
Sydney, Australia

Subject – Tourism Spot Discovered

Dear Sir/Madam

I am extremely excited about a discovery I have made recently during a voyage to India. It is about a very tiny island of fifty kilometer in diameter with a small stream that falls into the sea. What makes it most amazing is that there are remnants of a brief settlement here a hundred years ago and you will be amused to know that this settlement was done by the Robinsons family whose story was written by pastor Johaan David Wyss years ago.

The most remarkable aspect is that there a tree house and a library on it. In the library I found a few handwritten books with details of a number of plants and animals that the world has never heard. Above the tree house, on twenty four of its branches are curious mechanical contraptions probably made by the Robinsons. These huge contraptions are tied to the tree with a sort of coir made of coconut fibers.

The island need to be brought to the notice of people worldwide. I strongly believe that there are many more hidden places to be discovered and identified. There is a deep well in the middle of the island from which I heard a strange kind of sound. If people are encouraged to visit this remote island, it will be an asset to world tourism.

Yours faithfully
Devansh Bansal

Complete the letters by choosing one word for each blank.

I would like to ___ (1) the immediate attention of the concerned ___ (2) to a very crucial crisis that eats the society these days, which is wastage of water. Water is so ___ (3) that we cannot do ___ (4) it. From one to the ___ (5), from cooking to manufacturing, from drinking to draining, water is ___ (6). Major cities of the world have all ___ (7) the consequence of water ___ (8) and have decided to ___ (9) it in all possible ___ (10). While rain-water ___ (11) gathers popularity in most countries, while people fight back water shortage by ___ (12) its wastage, shamefully enough, our countrymen ___ (13) all such ___ (14). Even in big cities people are found washing their cars and watering their gardens with ___ (15) water!

(Suffered – shortage – draw – precautions – fresh – other – inevitable – harvesting – checking – ignore – fight – authorities – essential – ways – without)


It is with alarming concern that I am ___ (1) to pen this letter. It is found that the hard attempted board examinations are not ___ (2) checked by teachers. To begin with, class XII Board Exams play a ___ (3) role in the lives of the budding young ___ (4) of this country. It is sad that the Board is not as sincere and ___ (5) as it is with preparing the question papers and as rigid about ___ (6) complaints regarding marks ___ (7) to students when it comes to checking papers. Teachers, while checking the most ___ (8) board papers, go careless and least sincere. In an ___ (9) to complete the tally of 40 or 50 papers a day, they ___ (10) to give a “face” value rather than the real evaluation of each paper.

(Allotted – precious – committed – urged – generation – tend – redressing – attempt – sincerely – vital)


I am very upset to notice that your channel has not taken the People’s Forest Project very seriously. While most of the visual ___ (1) are doing their best to make the PFP a ___ (2) success, while countries have ___ (3) the responsibility of planting more saplings every second, while students leave their ___ (4) studies to work in their forests, your channel is still airing ___ (5) shows and onion-serials day in and ___ (6). Sir, how can you commit such a ___ (7) of your duty to the society and to the planet? I hope your side will rise against this lapse and ___ (8) the PFP as early as possible.
Yours seriously
Pooja and Shivangi

(Promulgate – reality – day out – dereliction – shouldered – momentous – media – grand)


The whole nation is now seriously discussing the murder of Jestle Josh, a student of a very ___(1) school in the capital. Fourteen year old Jestle was a wonderful singer and dancer though not ___ (2) at learning maths and science. He was sincere and straightforward, trusted by all the students of the school yet he had enemies. Police ___ (3) have clearly concluded that his was nothing ___ (4) murder but the question ___ (5) who did it and for what. As I sincerely do not want any more innocent student of that school be ___ (6) or harassed by the investigation team, as I do not want this crime to be finally ___ (7) on anyone who doesn’t ___ (8) punishment, I,  Victor Desai, 123/B, Canterville Chase, admit the ___ (9) of the crime.

(Interrogated – reputed – blamed – as good – responsibility – records – deserve – short of – remains)


With due respect for your honorable office of the Prime Minister of this nation, respecting you as the father of the nation, I would like to call your immediate ___ (1) into a matter of ___ (2) significance. It is ___ (3) for an ordinary citizen to ___ (4) to advise a Prime Minister yet, seeking ___ (5) for the same, I come to the point. Sir, our country is overflowing with poor people who generally ___ (6) to begging, snatching, stealing and then ___ (7) only to die in the most comical poverty and abandonment. Sir, aren’t you ___ (8) for this? Aren’t you accountable for the millions of people’s ___ (9) and the ___ (10) death of children countrywide?

(Pardon – involvement – resort – immature – poverty – responsible – awkward – miserable – grave – attempt – cursed)


Write a letter to the secretary of your residence welfare association, bringing the following matters to his notice:

  • All the children are not getting access to the cricket court.
  • Girls are not getting their turn to play in basketball.
  • Children who have late-hours tuitions are denied access to the parks.
  • Children who do not belong to the colony are found playing and bullying the children who live in the colony
  • Badminton court needs proper lighting for those who wish to play at night.
  • The security guard should be instructed not to blow his whistle after 11pm as it disturbs people with sensitive hearing.

You are Raju/Radha, Moonlight Colony, Meerut.­

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