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Exam Pack 11 English CBSE

Table of Contents

Reading Passages | Note Making Passages | Writing Section | Literature Section
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Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Araam – Mourad – uncle Khosrov – John Byro the farmer – Fitvajian’s barn – White Horse – Garoghlanian Family – Armania – American – Reputation – honesty – truthfulness.

Questions & Answers
  1. Why did Aram feel that he was dreaming on seeing Mourad riding on a horse? (2 marks)
  2. How did the two children manage to ride the horse for a long time? (2 marks)
  3. On what grounds do the children believe that they had not stolen the horse? (2 marks)
  4. The two children justify their act of stealing yet the reader is sure that they had stolen the white horse. Support your answer. (2 marks)
  5. John Byro saw that the white horse resembled his missing horse yet he dismissed the truth in front of his eyes. Why? (2 marks)
  6. Justify the title, Summer of the Beautiful White HorseOR How did the two boys spend their summer with the beautiful white horse? (4 marks)
  7. Give a brief character sketch of Mourad. (4 marks)
    1. Had a way with dogs, birds, horse, etc.
    2. Commanding power
    3. Greatly practical
    4. Had a way with John Byro
    5. Was naughty yet knew what was right and wrong
    6. Never spoke excessively
    7. Kind heart (he healed a wounded bird)
  8. Uncle Khosrov
    1. Easily irritable
    2. “It is no harm – pay no attention to it!”
    3. Was very easy going
    4. Absent minded
    5. Highly nostalgic
Grammar Section
  1. Respected Sir, this is to brings to your serious notice
  2. that my son’s grammar have been found wreaked all of a sudden.
  3. Until last semester, no remarkable errors has been noticed
  4. but what have become of his English, we are clueless.
  5. He say, “I knows” for I know and “she bark at me” for she barks at me.
  6. Kindly consider this discrepancy seriously and finds a solution for this.

Rearrange the word-sequence (4 marks)

  1. There / many / as good as / are / not so / virtues / honesty.
  2. Being / a virtue / is not / honest / considered / today / however / by many.
  3. Such people / being / believe that / honestly / smartness / means / dishonest.
  4. Believe / makes a sudden / me, / only to / the dishonest / plunge into / leap skyward / disaster.

Writing Section

  1. You are feeling cheered that Delhi’s overall hygiene awareness has multiplied in the last ten years with more civilized people opting for hygienic eat outs and most of the new eat-outs and restaurants keeping their priorities high on hygiene. Write an article on, “The Way we Ate and Eat.”
  2. Write an article on the relevance and irrelevance of socializing websites and apps such as facebook. You are Taranveer, Delhi. (10 marks)

Reading Section

Honorable Prime Minister of India and the President of Pakistan. This is an open letter to the two of you and to all your ministers and bureaucrats. Since 1948, 29,734 people – soldiers and civilians – have been brutally killed in India and Pakistan, especially on the glaciers of Siachen and in the valleys of Kashmir. Billions of dollars have been spent on both sides to buy sophisticated weapons to burn your people. You have been wasting your precious time and efficiency to wage a nonsense war that the world will laugh at with contempt.

You are afraid like all your predecessors so you kept the war on. Your fear was not losing the war, but losing your votes in elections. You keep on giving the message to your people that the other nation is your rival and your political party only can assure safety. You could easily have solved the cross-boarder issues because 98% of Indians and Pakistanis never wanted this war. To keep your vote banks filled and overflowing, you injected the poison of a pseudo nationalism into their blood through media and textbooks. If you can, if you have loved people, please stop killing your own people – your own brothers and sisters.

  1. Who is the letter addressed to? (1 mark)
  2. What does the writer mean by a nonsense war? Why? (1 marks)
  3. Why does the writer say that both Indian side and Pakistan side are afraid? (2 marks)
  4. Why does the writer believe that the Indo-Pak issues can be easily solved? (1 mark)

Additional Questions for Practice

  1. Caught between a great family name and poverty, Araam and Mourad do not like to believe that they had stolen the white horse. Why? (2 marks)
  2. How did John Byro’s innocence get him his horse back? (2 marks)
  3. In what sense is Mourad the natural descendant of his uncle, Khosrov? (2 marks)
  4. Was the horse really beautiful? Write a note on its beauty as conceived by the two boys. (4 marks)

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