Editing – Rules and Exercise

Editing 1

  1. Editing is a activity that triggers your skills
  2. to spot grammatical errors on a sentence.
  3. To do skillfully editing, you need to read a
  4. given paragraph or guess the story. Story
  5. means the content in the paragraph. Once
  6. that done, proceed to a second round in reading
  7. during which you can spot an errors and
  8. replace them by correct words.

Editing 2

  1. Although editing cover all that you have learnt
  2. in English, yet nouns, adjective and adverbs are
  3. generally no included. Which means, you do
  4. not have to change Sam from Harry! Words
  5. mostly edited are prepositions, conjunctions or
  6. auxiliary verbs includes modal verbs.

Editing 3

  1. Imagine their is a device that can measure one’s
  2. happiness level. How is it mark the happiness of
  3. an average Indian, average American and the average
  4. Chinese? Who will top and who will score a least?
  5. It is so difficult to say and I wonder how many
  6. Indians will get their happiness marked above the
    minimum of 3 out of 10.

Editing 4

  1. Before you blame your children for not get
  2. tune the way you sing, think of this – do you sing
  3. the song they likes? Do you ever try to understand
  4. them the way they understands life in the changing
  5. circumstances? Generation gap is no disease and
  6. a curable symptoms.

Editing 5

  1. You, young boys or girls also need to find out the
  2. root cause of generation gap. You feel so proud of
  3. your glowing skins and glossy ideas butter with
  4. degree certificates and multi-million-dollars jobs
  5. and friends. You find your parents’s ideas outdated.

Editing 6

  1. The poets friend was about to die in a hospital.
  2. Like everyone of his friend, the poet too was sad.
  3. One evening, when he was all alone by the poet,
  4. the friend pushed to him the request – please write a
  5. poem about me. The poet is surprised so he asked
  6. what the crazy idea was. With a weary smile, a
  7. friend replied that in his poem he can be immortal.
  8. “Because your poems stands against the ravages of time.”

Editing 7

  1. One of my uncle who lives in the UAE once told me
  2. about the fast-pace development of the Gulf Countries,
  3. especially of Qatar and Dubai. It give one a sense of awe
  4. to see the rise of skyscrapers or silk-soft roads but the
  5. reality is that the damage causes by concrete and
  6. asphalt are far reaching. These countries are barren
  7. deserts where life ceases when their ACs go of!

Editing 8

  1. The poet was greatly overcame by the idea.
  2. How true his dying friend was! A new way for achieve
  3. eternity. The poet rushed home and wrote the sonnet
  4. featuring his friend. “Dear friend, I can’t bury you on
  5. golden monuments of the Princes and in my poem.
  6. If I bury you in golden monuments, yours memories
  7. will perish with the decay with the monuments. By
  8. burying you in my poem, I assure you eternal.”

Editing 9

  1. Today life appear to be impossible without mobile
  2. phone, computer and television. Hold much close to our
  3. eyes all the times, cell phones, ipads, tabs and laptops have
  4. became part of our body. While on a metro train, at a restaurant,
  5. while at the hospital, these electronic gadgets follows
  6. us unfailingly – guide us, soothing our ears with music,
  7. putting us link to our dear-ones far away while we
  8. fails to see the ones who are close by.

Editing 10

  1. Respected Sir, this is to brings to your serious notice
  2. that my son’s grammar have been found wreaked all
  3. of a sudden. Till last semester, no remarkable errors has
  4. been noticed but what have become of his English,
  5. we are clueless. He say, “I knows” for I know and “she
  6. bark at me” for she barks at me. Kindly considers this
  7. discrepancy seriously and finds a solution for this.

Editing 11

  1. Junk foods typically contains high levels of calories from
  2. sugar or fat with few protein, vitamin or minerals. Foods
  3. commonly considered junk foods includes salted snack
  4. foods, gum, candy, sweet desserts, fried fast food, and sugary
  5. carbonate beverages. Many foods such as hamburgers,
  6. pizza and tacos will be consider either healthy or junk
  7. food depending on their ingredients and preparation methods.

Editing 12

  1. Gravity is a force that pulling together all matter
  2. (which is anything you can physically touched).
  3. The more matter, the most gravity, so things that
  4. has a lot of matter such as planets and moons and stars
  5. pull more strongly. Mass is how we measures
  6. the amount of matters in something.

Editing 13

  1. Even today Indian politicians do not considered population
  2. to be a crisis. If they decides to bring population down, the
  3. nation will have a healthy, aware peoples who will not cast
  4. votes for these politicians. If families for backward states
  5. have one or two childs, they will grow in health and wealth
  6. which will ultimately throws these politicians out of their states.

Editing 14

  1. There once live a very cruel witch. She was feared by
  2. men or women. She had a dirty black cat and a naughty
  3. owl. The owl was able to carried the witch on its back and
  4. the cat used to bring bad newses to the witch. The witch
  5. kidnapped small kids of his neighborhood and made
  6. them donkeys and sell them to a cruel merchant named
  7. Gafo. It was believe that the witch had no name.

Editing 15

  1. It is unfortunate why women are raped and molested
  2. by men in almost every countries but it is not advisable
  3. that we should wait for a change of attitude in the side
  4. of our male counterparts in initiating a change on our
  5. side. Why shouldn’t we agree to underwent a very
  6. significant change that is mostly overlook and ignored?
  7. What I means is a necessary change of our dress code.
  8. Lets cover whatever is to be covered and be decently.

Editing 16

  1. Each soul are potentially divine. The goal
  2. is to manifesting this divinity within by
  3. controlling nature, externally and internal.
  4. This can be done either by worship or by psychic
  5. control. This is what religions is. Religion gives
  6. you nothing new; it only takes of obstacles and
  7. allows you to see oneself clearly. Religion should
  8. bring people closely to one another.

UL 15

  1. What if every child have to plant five saplings and
  2. have it fully grown when they are 18? What more?
  3. Imagine he will have to produce a healthy certificate
  4. of these trees for secure his college admission, later
  5. a driving licence and the PAN card or a bank loan?
  6. There are not so many things like this whom the nation
  7. expects from their citizens. Let’s keep this idea close to
  8. our hearts until the government has made it a law!

UL 16

  1. Scientists are sought to make fusion work on
  2. earth for since 40 years. If we are successful,
  3. we will have an energy source who is inexhaustible.
  4. One out of every 6,500 atom of hydrogen in
  5. ordinary water is deuterium, given a gallon of
  6. water the energy content of 300 gallons in gasoline.
  7. In addition, fusion would be environmental friendly,
  8. producing any combustion products or greenhouse gases.

UL 17

  1. Like Leonardo Da Vinci at the 13th century,
  2. Albert Einstein was another phenomena who
  3. changes the course of the world’s history in the
  4. 2oth century. If he hadn’t first be a rebel at
  5. school-level and later an super scientist,
  6. most of you had not choices in education today.

UL 18

  1. The Kalachuri Empire was the name uses by two
  2. kingdoms who has a succession of dynasties from
  3. the 10th-12th centuries, one who ruled over areas in
  4. Central India and were called Chedi and the other
  5. the southern Kalachuri that ruling over parts of Karnataka.
  6. They are supposed to be offshoot of Abhira of
    Traikutakas dynasty.

Sky Level

SL 01
  1. It has been believed that no true wild examples
  2. of the musk rose has been found, though it is
  3. recorded in cultivation as least as far back as the
  4. 16th century. Its important in cultivation as a
    parent of several groups of cultivated roses, notably
  5. the damask rose and the noisette, and is value for
  6. its scent and for its unusual long season
    of bloom among rose species.
SL 02
  1. There are many campaigns been conducted for bringing
  2. housewives closer to sports. Running to corner to
  3. corner in a kitchen doesn’t provides them with ample
  4. exercise. Governments should facilitates sports activities that
  5. ensure that every housewives has to take part in sports.
  6. This will empower millions of housewives to take parts in sports.

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