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Chakravarthy Investigates – Sowmya Rajendran


Chakravarthy was an adventure-loving young boy from Patel Street. His greatest dream was to be a detective. In observation and in appearance, Chakravarthy matched himself with well-known detectives. He was always on the look out for a criminal. He had a pair of binoculars, magnifying glass and an atlas.

One festive season, Chakravarthy was closely observing the roads and shops from his balcony – on the sixth floor. The roads were more jammed than usual. At first he saw a cow making its way and then a little girl licking her favorite ice-cream. A little away, a fear-stricken woman was talking to a police officer. It seemed that she was terribly frightened. The smart Chakravarthy noticed that the little girl and the woman had curly hair! From this he worked his detective skills and ran down. Lifting the little girl with the ice-cream she ate, Chakravarthy ran to the woman. Yes, Chakravarthy was a worthy detective – the girl was the woman’s daughter!

The Young Detective
  1. Who is a detective?
    A detective is a person who is exceptionally skilled in observation. While we all see, they are able to see what we fail to see. They investigate scenes of crimes and from one to another, find out traces of the criminal. They study finger prints, blood samples, footprints and many other valuable information and finally reach the criminal.
  2. What were Chakravarthy’s sets of equipment for investigation?
    Chakravarthy had a set of tools and other equipment to ease his job. He had a magnifying glass, a pair of binoculars and an atlas to study places of America. To cover himself from the criminals, he wore sunglasses and a hat hid his face.
  3. Why did Chakravarthy carry an atlas with him?
    Chakravarthy carried an atlas all the time to locate places of America. Among his other wishes, Chakravarthy dreamed of working for the American police.
  4. What was Chakravarthy looking for from his window at Patel Street?
    Chakravarthy was looking for any passing or hiding criminals so that he could follow them and hand them over to the police.
  5. Why was Patel Street unusually crowded?
    Patel Street, where Chakravarthy lived with his parents and siblings, was crowded because the festival of Deepavali was approaching.
  6. What was Chakravarthy’s greatest dream?
    This page is currently under construction.
  7. Was Chakravarthy encouraged by his family? Support your answer.
    Unfortunately, it seems that his family was not so much supportive to Chakravarthy. It was probably because Chakravarthy was always lost in his dreamy world of detectives and criminals. His parents were much worried about his not eating or not doing his homework in time because they did not quite grasp the talents and aptitudes that the little boy had.
A Cow, a careless Girl, a panicky mother and a Police officer
  1. The cow even ‘snacked on a banana peal’ means:
    1. The cow slipped on a banana peal.
    2. The cow munched/ate a banana peal.
  2. What made Chakravarthy think that the little girl was sensible?
    Chakravarthy thought the girl sensible because she was not wasting any drop of the ice-cream. She licked the drops as they dripped along her fingers.
  3. What was the cause of a sudden commotion on the road?
    The cause of the sudden commotion was a case of missing. A woman suddenly saw that her daughter had slipped away from her. In great panic, she ran to a police officer and made a frantic complaint. Her cries made the sudden commotion.
  4. Who was the woman talking to the police officer? What was the woman trying to communicate with the officer?
  5. Do you think that Chakravarthy was an efficient detective? Why?
    Yes, Chakravarthy was an efficient detective. Although he was a self-trained detective, he had very good observation and precision. He was able to identify the girl as the woman’s daughter from the resemblance of the hairs of the mother and daughter. He was passionate about cracking down crimes in his neighborhood. He was always on the lookout of criminals.
  6. Do you think that Chakravarthy will grow up to an efficient and well-known detective? Why do you think so?
Assignment 1
  1. Chakravarthy took it and bowed. “I will consider this my fee,” he said.
    1. What did Chakravarthy take? Who gave this to him? (2 mark)
    2. Do you think Chakravarthy was right in taking ‘it’ as his fee? Support your answer. (2 marks)
    3. What did Chakravarthy buy with ‘it?’ (1 mark)
  2. Will your parent/s support you if you exhibit traits as Chakravarthy did? Explain. (2 marks)
  3. Imagine you are a detective. Applying your observation skills, figure out an error with the pictorial illustrations in the story. Explain how it is incorrect. (2 marks)
Assignment 2
  1. Simple Past – Past Continuous
    1. She came back from Paris. (Convert to Past Continuous)
    2. They were eating out at Mr. Chawla’s. (Convert to Simple Past)
    3. Were your cousins shouting “Blah! Blah!” at the neighbours? (Convert to Simple Past)
    4. Did Harris sleep on the sidewalk last night? (Convert to Past Continuous)
    5. I don’t think he walked out of the office. (Convert to Past Continuous)
    6. She didn’t cry when her son died. She could not cry! (Convert to Past Continuous)
    7. Was Peter ascending the stairs when you met him? (Convert to Past Simple)
    8. Were the students dancing in the class? (Convert to Past Simple)
  2. Abstract Nouns
    1. I can’t tolerate your habitual …………….. (neglect).
    2. They say that marriage is a life in …………… (harmonious).
    3. I ask you, can the …………. (important) of a green and healthy earth be less important than a grey and hot earth?
  3. Collective Nouns
Assignment 3
  1. Write a paragraph on “Leave it there, deep inside the earth, the lethal blood of the earth – Petroleum!” (Minimum 200 words)
  2. Ruralize India Project – Why should I care?

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