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Canterville Ghost for New Pathways

This is an adaptation of The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde. Please be warned that this is not a true adaptation. The original story has been brutally modified by the writer. If you are looking for the Original study guide, go to The Canterville Ghost – Oscar Wilde.

Scene 1 – Buying the Castle

  1. Why did Lord Canterville say that Mr. Otis was being foolish?
  2. What warnings did Lord Canterville give to Mr. Otis?
    1. that the castle was haunted.
    2. that the ghost appeared before the death of any family members.
    3. that Mr. Otis should not buy the castle.
  3. Why did Mr. Otis buy the castle in spite of Lord Canterville’s warnings?
    1. he did not believe in the ghost
    2. he did not fear a ghost
    3. he came from America
  4. What does Mr. Otis mean by buying the castle including the ghost?
    By this Lord Canterville means to say that he did not value the ghost at all. He considered the ghost just as a piece of furniture of the Castle.
  5. Write two differences between Mr. Otis and Lord Canterville.
    • Mr. Otis
      • did not believe in ghost
      • was not superstitious
      • was brave
      • was an American
    • Lord Canterville 
      • believed in ghosts
      • was mildly superstitious
      • was British

Scene 2 – The Castle

  1. Who welcomed the Otis family to their newly owned Castle?
  2. Name the Otis family members.
  3. What are the names of the Otis twins? Who are they named after?
  4. Where did Virginia find the blood-stain? What did James tell about its origin?
  5. How did Washington remove the blood-stain from the rug?
  6. What made James faint?

Scene 3 – Sir Simon Appears at Night

  1. Why was Sir Simon angry with the Otises?
  2. Why did Sir Simon steal Virginia’s paints?

Scene 4 – The Bloodstain Reappears

  1. How did Mr. Otis explain the reappearance of the bloodstain?
  2. Why did James refuse to clean the bloodstain?

Scene 5 – The First Haunting

  1. What preparations had the twins made to attack the ghost?

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