Bro Tiger Goes Dead – James Berry

  1. Why did Bro Tiger want to crack up Anancy’s bones?
    Bro Tiger might have wanted  to crack up Anancy’s bones because Anancy might have done something bad to Bro Tiger in the past.
  2. “Bro Tiger lies down in his bed, all still and stiff, wrapped up in a sheet.” Why was Bro Tiger bedridden?What was his plan?
    Bro Tiger was in his bed all still and stiff because he had a plan to trap Anancy. He pretended as if he was dead so that when Anancy would  come to him to mourn, he would collar him up and finish him.
  3. How do we come to know that Mrs. Tiger over-acted upon her husband’s death?
  4. What does Bro Tiger do to make the villagers believe he was dead?
    Bro Tiger called his wife. He told her to bawl out loudly to lure the attention of the villagers and to make them believe that all her family died suddenly.
  5. What does Anancy do that shows he is very clever?
    Anancy uses Tiger’s pride against him.
  6. What is the message of the story?
  7. How was Anancy different from the other animals?
  8. How did Anancy foil (defeat) bro tiger’s pretension?
  9. Anancy is extraordinarily intelligent. Support your answer.
    Anancy is a good example for intelligence. While the villagers did not think of confirming the tiger’s death, Anancy worked his logic out. Using his reasoning power, Anancy asked the villagers a few very intelligent questions that none of them had ever thought of. He questioned the villagers if bro Tiger had whimpered or called out the names of Lord before dying. He also asked them if anybody had thought of calling a doctor. Finally when Anancy declared that no one can die without crying, the foolish ‘dead’ tiger cried out loudly to prove that he had really died. With the ‘dead tiger’ howling, Anancy proved that the tiger had been pretending to be dead.




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