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Skills3 Syllabus – Main Page

What is Skills3 Syllabus Skills3 is a syllabus designed for the 21st century primary school students from 4 years to 10 years. Skills3 focuses on Languages, Mathematics and Common Sense. We believe that children should not be taught anything other than these 3 skills, at a very basic level. How many of you send your […] More

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The Third Level – Jack Finny

Charley, a young man, once went down to the third underground level the Grand Central Railway Station, New York. Everyone knew that it is impossible because there has never been a third underground level at the Grand Central. Then, how did Charley find the third level? Either his imagination fooled him or there really was […] More

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Father to Son – Elizabeth Jennings

The poem presents a father’s illusions about his son. The father feels so helpless because he has not been able to understand his son’s emotional growth for some time, since his childhood. Though the father blames his son, it is the father who is really blamed. The same father who says that he does not […] More

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