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  2. Speak on your selected topic – 90 seconds
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  6. Problem Solving Round


Generation Gap

Generation gap is the space between parents and children or an old generation and a new generation. When generations develop gaps between them, there arises disorder, chaos and even wars. Why is it so? What is the root cause of this evil? Who are responsible? Only parents? Only children? Let’s dig a little deep and find answers.

Most parents fail to understand children as they grow up. When the baby is newborn, they love him; when he is a naughty schoolboy, they scold him and when he starts challenging and disobeying them, they hate him. Similarly, when parents are in their prime, children hang on to their hands, when parents grow old and fail to catch up with their trends, they consider them outdated. Chuck them. Dump them.

Generation gap cannot be cured but controlled. Who will take the initiative? I would like to say – parents. Parents have more sense and wisdom than their children. Rather than they understand you, you better understand them. Rather than they come to you for a reconciling hug, why not you make the first step? Children too have their share in this. Remember, your parents have sent you to colleges to study that they were not privileged to. Does that mean you can look down at them? Remember, you too are growing up and one day you too will be a parent.

TV Shows have altered reality

Today, television shows have taken a strong toll on our life. Today crime shows have broken all barriers. We have been brought to an unreal world where anchors make us feel ‘this is real and all the others are unreal.’ Our children have started taking television shows more real than the advice that their elders have tried to teach them. What happens to an adult generation that had fed on such unreal shows?

Definitely the world of such a generation, the future father and mothers, will be a chaotic one. There will be no values, no real emotions, no compassion. There will be no love for nature, fellow-beings and for family. It is time parents had started monitoring their children’s interest in showy, glossy but meaningless television shows.

The Person who Influenced me the Most

There are two kinds of people – those who get influenced and those who do not get influenced. I would like to proudly tell you that I belong to the first category, that too, influenced by one most genuine personality – my father. We live in a society where poets and writers write about the sublime qualities of mothers, yet my father has a cause to think otherwise. While I do not dismiss the role my mother played in my life, I most honestly would like to present the gentleman, the planner, the organizer, the motivator and the guide that my father is. We had our humble beginnings before I was born. I don’t remember the bedtime stories my grandparents used to tell me but I do remember the voice of my father who used to tell my mother of his plans, of his next moves and of his dreams.

It was he who taught my what to dream. In his opinion, there is no harm dreaming. Only dreams that are had in a disturbed sleep come true, he says. Now he does not see many dreams but he sees the happiness on my face, my sister’s face and my mother’s face. If my father had not influenced the happiness-sector of my personality, I would not be what I am now.

Written by Ruchir Dua, Heritage Rohini

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