An Earth Day Carol – Paula Thomas

Act 1

  1. What did the children advise Ebenezer Litterbug?
    The children advised Ebenezer Litterbug not to litter the town. They also asked him to pick the garbage he had littered.
  2. Why doesn’t Ebenezer Litterbug pay any attention to Earth Day?
  3. What did the children teach Ebenezer about the importance of Earth Day?
  4. What do you undersatnd about Ebenezer from his asking, “what do we pay street cleaners for?”

Act 2

  1. Where did the Ghost of Earth Day Past take Ebenezer to?
  2. What lesson did Ebenezer learn from the Ghost of Earth Day Past?

Act 3 

  1. Where did the Ghost of Earth Day Past take litterbug to?
  2. What did Litterbug learn from the children at the recycling center?
    Hints – Don’t throw out cans, plastics, glass or papers. Throw garbage in a trash bin. Do not litter. Do not waste water. Fix leaky taps/faucets. Turn the tap off while brushing. Travel by public transport. Do car pooling. Turn off lights when not needed.
  3. Why should we turn of lights when they are not needed?
  4. Mention one method by which we can save water.
  5. When was the first Earth Day celebrated?
  6. Mention three methods of Reuse we can practice.

Act 4 & 5

  1. How did Ebenezer Litterbug change at the end?
  2. What is the message of the play?
  3. How did this play change your lifestyle?

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