Advertisement – Classified & Display

Kinds of Classified Ads

  1. Situation Vacant
    1. Wanted Tutor
    2. Engineer
    3. Wanted Gardener
    4. PG Available
  2. Situation Wanted
    1. Seeking Placement
    2. MBA Seeking Job
    3. Fresher Needs a Job
  3. For Sale
    1. Car for Sale
    2. House for Sale
    3. To Let
    4. For Renting
  4. Matrimonial
    1. Groom Wanted
    2. Bride Wanted
  5. Missing / Lost
    1. Boy Missing
    2. Man Missing
    3. Lost Property
  6. Change
    1. Change of Name
    2. Change of Address
Opening Samples
  • Immediately for sale a 2010 model BMW…
  • A reputed marketing company in Central City is recruiting 10 fresh graduates for…
  • Western Money is looking for experienced accountants for its Dubai branches…
  • Parents of a post graduate Hindu girl from a traditional family seeks alliance from well educated, well settled family…
  • Newly constructed appartments for sale at Halbela, Bangalore
Description – Properties
  • Three bedrooms and spacious hall,
  • All rooms attached and opening to wide balconies
  • Decent neighborhood and surroundings
  • Sun-facing, two story, multistory…
  • Spacious parks, lawns, …
  • 24 hrs running water and uninterrupted electricity
Description – People
  • 12 years experienced, MBA from Australia…
  • Having worked with multinational companies
  • 5.5″ height, wheatish complexion..
Price/Salary Samples
  • Price negotiable
  • Salary as per government norms.
  • Attractive remunerations and perks
  • Salary $1200/month or more.
Contact Samples
  • Do not write “contact me.” Rather write, contact Sam, 9810740061.
  • “Walk in interview between 12 pm and 02 pm on all working days…”
  • “Send detailed resume/CV to”
Hiring Personnel
Situation Vacant

A multinational company requires an experienced Secretary for its Marketing Department. Excellent communication and organizational skills are required. Should be able to handle very complicated issues and be ready to travel with the CEO. A 10 years of experience is mandatory for this position. Fluent Written and verbal English is essential. This position would suit a European only. Send CV to Fax: 44429151 or email:


Teacher, tutor, instructor
Wanted High School Teacher

A highly prestigious school located in Ashok Vihar, Bangalore, is looking for a qualified physics teacher with min. 12 years of experience, preferably with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed university, male/female preferred, age no bar, should be proficient in British accent. Attractive salary and other allowances. Contact Mr. Ravi, 9810740061 or walk in interview on all working days.


Sale and Purchase of Vehicles
For sale, Honda Civic

A well maintained Honda Civic, Diesel, 2011 Model, only 12,000 km run, automatic gear system, 12 km/litre, average, amazing torque, new alloy wheels, light blue, no scratches, single hand use, turbo engine, 3 years warranty remaining, imported genuine leather seat covers. Price ₹ 120,000, not negotiable. Contact Mr. Dhruv – 8377323232


Situation Wanted

Situation Wanted

A mechanical engineer with 30 years of exp. is looking for a placement in East London. The candidate has got a proved record in automobile designing with three leading brands. The candidate has been awarded for his precision and perfection in the previous companies. Got great commitment to automobile designing. Interested companies looking for similar experts may contact Mr. Roy Zebastian, 9810740061 or email to

Sale and Purchase of Property, Vehicles, GoodsBusiness Proposal
To Let


Sunita Bhatt’s parents are looking for a suitable groom for her. They are very particular that the boy should be a hardworking, passionate, loving and adventure-loving person. They have many other demands. Sunita is not very good looking but she is already working for an NGO that spread awareness about over population and earns a decent salary. Although she is a little more than thirty years, they want her to be married to someone two or three years older. Box number 22, Times of India or Sultan Bhatt, 9810740061.



Alliances are invited from parents of well settled traditional Hindu Brahmin boys for a Bhatt girl, fair, post graduate from Cambridge, 31 years, presently working for an NGO in Hyderabad, highly dependent, humorous and passionate about work. The boy should be from similar tastes, preferably two years older, well settled….

Missing Person/thing
  • Caption – “Missing”
  • Begin – “Missing since 12th March….”

Write a classified ad giving details of Mr. Raju Rastogi, a mentally retarded person, missing since 3 pm, 12th March, 2016. You are Ganesh Chaturvedi, director, Men Tell, a hospital for the mentally retarded patients. Phone number – 9810740061.

Change of Name

Raju Rastogi wishes to change his name to Raj Rustom from all his certificates and records for personal reasons. Write a classified ad for the same with all the relevant details such as present name, parents’ name and address to the name he wishes to change to. Sign as Raju Rastogi.

Fitness Center
Tour Packages
Next – Questions
  1. Design an attractive advertisement for promoting your coaching center at Central Market, Ashok Vihar, Delhi. Include all relevant details.
  2. Design an advertisement inviting eligible candidates, male only, for your export company in Bangalore. The post assigned to is area manager in Bangalore. Prior experience is highly expected from each candidate. You are Mehar, 9810740061.
  3. Minakshi Pillai feels terribly let down after reading a complaint letter sent by Raj/Radhika regarding the poor efficiency of staff at her coaching institute, 2tor&Mentor (pronounced “tutor and Mentor). As Minakshi Pillai, draft a classified ad seeking qualified, experienced teachers who can handle entrance examinations. Invent all additional information.
  4. Draft a classified ad seeking eligible accountants for a school. Include information such as qualification, years of experience, gender, age, capabilities, personal assets, etc. You are Ahmad Ansari, HR Head, Pelicans School, Dubai.
  5. Write a classified ad attracting buyers to your newly constructed apartment on the fifth and sixth floors of which you are planning to sell. Include all details such as location, facilities, price, contact person, etc. You are Manju, Shalimarbagh, phone number 9810740061.

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