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A Shot in the Dark – Saki (Abridged)

Philip Sletherby

  1. Where was Philip Sletherby going? Why was he feeling very happy?
  2. Who was Honoria Saltpen Jago?
  3. What was the political condition under which Philip Sletherby was wanted by the party managers?
    1. Parliament re-election at Chalkshire,
    2. The candidate didn’t want to get re-elected,
    3. Party managers (leaders) shortlisted Philip Sletherby.
  4. In what sense was Honoria Saltpen Jago the new acquaintance of Philip Sletherby?
  5. What made Philip Sletherby think that he was ‘on approval’ for the party’s candidature?
  6. What was the club acquaintance’ opinion about Sletherby’s going to Brill Manor?

Bertie Saltpen and Philip Sletherby

  1. How do you describe Bertie?
  2. What was Bertie cursing and searching?
  3. What all did Bertie carry in his waist-pocket?
  4. “The vigerous pantomime did not draw forth any remark from Sletherby, who resumed…”
    1. What does the author mean by rigorous pantomime?
  5. What did Bertie Saltpen refer to as “coincidence?”

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