100 Words for BBA

Factotum – An employee or official who has various different responsibilities to handle.
  1. Retainer,
  2. Servant,
  3. Workaholic,
  4. Odd-job person
  1. Panacea –
  2. Elixir –
  3. Catholicon – A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases;
  4. Medicine,
  5. Remedy,
  6. Treatment,
  7. Cure,
  8. Drug
  9. Nostrum – A medicine prepared by an unqualified person, especially one that is not considered effective.
Liturgy – A form of public worship; ritual.
  1. Observance,
  2. Rite,
  3. Sacrament,
  4. Celebration,
  5. Ceremonial
Larceny – The act of taking something from someone unlawfully
  1. Synonyms
    1. Burglary,
    2. Crime,
    3. Stealing,
    4. Touch,
    5. Stealing,
    6. Pilfering
  2. Antonym
    1. Return,
    2. Pay,
    3. Reimbursement,
    4. compensation



pronunciation: kwik-sot-ik
meaning: not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic
synonyms: dreamy, foolish, impractical, impulsive, unrealistic
antonyms: hardheaded, hard-nosed, tough-minded, unsentimental; practical, pragmatic
usage: our quixotic prime minister may need labour to save him in europe. (source: the guardian-20-feb-2016)

7. Quash
pronunciation: kwosh
meaning: to put down or suppress completely; quell; subdue
synonyms: crush, pull down, quell, repress, beat, overcome
antonyms: abet, aid, assist, back, help, prop up, support; foment, incite
usage: the punjab and haryana high court today refused to quash an fir registered against two youngsters in a criminal intimidation case. (source: chandigarh tribune)

8. Skullduggery
meaning: an instance of dishonest or deceitful behavior; trick.
Synonyms: crafty; trickery; chicanery; duplicity; guile; perfidy; falsehood
antonyms: truthfulness; loyalty; trustworthiness; truthfulness; honesty
usage: the tax is high on years of expediency and governmental skullduggery in arming and feeding and giving harbour to such factions (source: firstpost)

9. Ludicrous
pronunciation: loo-di-kruh s
meaning: broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce
synonyms: foolish, comical, outlandish, silly, laughable, crazy, funnys
antonyms: grave, tragic, sensible, logical, reasonable
usage: meet the epically ludicrous instrument that uses 2,000 steel marbles to make music. (source: classic fm)


  • Lachrymose
    pronunciation: lak-ruh-mohs
    meaning: showing sorrow;
    synonyms: sad, teary, weeping, weepy, melancholy, blue, dejected, gloomy
    antonyms: beaming, chuckling, giggling, grinning, laughing, smilings
    usage: while presidents, being also human, may be allowed some display of emotion, they cannot be lachrymose all the time. (source: philippine star)
  • Admonish
    pronunciation: ad-mon-ish
    meaning: warn strongly; put on guard, to caution, advise, or counsel against something.
    Synonyms: berate, censure, chide, rebuke, reprimand, scold, warn, hoists
    antonyms: approve, endorse, sanction; applaud, extol, hail, laud, praise, salute, tout
    usage: the two acts of mercy being focused on this march in the archdiocese of portland will be to forgive offenses and to admonish sinners. (source: catholic sentinel-15-mar-2016)
  • Tirade
    pronunciation: tahy-reyd or tahy-reyd
    meaning: a speech of violent denunciation
    synonyms: harangue, ranting, screed, sermon, anger, censure, dispute
    antonyms: peace, harmony, agreement, calm, praise, accord, unperturbed
    usage: australian movie star rebel wilson has launched a vitriolic twitter tirade at a journalist who allegedly “harassed” her sick grandmother. (source: the new daily-28-feb-2016)
  • Labyrinthine
    pronunciation: lab-uh-rin-thin, -theen
    meaning: resembling a labyrinth in form or complexity
    synonyms: intricate, meandering, serpentine, twisting, winding, complex, mazy
    antonyms: simple, straight, blunt, candid, apparent, clear, definite, even, explicit
    usage: the sentences that once sang became so labyrinthine in complexity that the reader got lost in the maze. (source: the independent-28-mar-2016)
  • Alacrity
    pronunciation: uh-lak-ri-tee
    meaning: liveliness and eagerness
    synonyms: alertness, avidity, briskness, cheerfulness, sprightliness, willingnesss
    antonyms: apathy, aversion, slowness, dullness, delay, amble, lethargy
    usage: the prime minister asked the party to embrace technology with greater alacrity and enthusiasm
  • Laconic
    pronunciation: luh-kon-ik
    meaning: luh-kon-ik
    synonyms: terse, pithy, brief, compact, crisp, curt, succinct
    antonyms: circuitous, circumlocutory, diffuse, long-winded, prolix, rambling, verbose, windy, wordy
    usage: greater difficulty exists to enforce the laconic safeguards of the aadhaar act. (source:
  • Amorphous
    pronunciation: uh-mawr-fuh s
    meaning: lacking definite form; having no specific shape; formlesss
    synonyms: irregular, unformed, unshaped, shapeless, unshaped, formless, vague
    antonyms: coherent, ordered, orderly, organized; clear, decided, definite, distinct
    usage: transmission electron microscopy image showing different levels of crystallinity embedded in the amorphous matrix of the alloy. (source: azom)
  • Wanton
    pronunciation: won-tn
    meaning: deliberate and without motive or provocation; uncalled-for; headstrong; willful; sexually lawless or unrestrained
    synonyms: lewd, promiscuous, abandoned, lax, libertine, libidinouss
    antonyms: correct, decorous, genteel, nice, polite, proper, respectable, seemly; innocuous
    usage: the park was full of people fishing and relaxing. I think it’s shocking that they were just walking along carrying out this wanton destruction (source: lasgow evening times)
  • Vociferouss
    pronunciation: voh-sif-er-uh s
    meaning: conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcrys
    synonyms: vehement, noisy, clamorous, boisterous, clamant, ranting
    antonyms: noiseless, quiet, silent, soundless, still; calm, hushed, subdued
    usage: the invasive gypsy moth is a vociferous eater during its caterpillar phase. (source: the news tribune)
  • Utilitarian
    pronunciation: yoo-til-i-tair-ee-uh n
    meaning: having regard to utility or usefulness rather than beauty, ornamentation, etc
    synonyms: functional, pragmatic, effective, serviceable, useful
    antonyms: unserviceable, nonfunctional, impractical, unnecessary, useless
    usage: modern philosophy was by two important “schools” of thought: individualism and utilitarianism. (source: business 2 community)
  • Vicissitude
    pronunciation: vi-sis-i-tood, -tyood
    meaning: a change or variation occurring in the course of something; interchange or alternation
    synonyms: variation, fluctuation, permutation, alteration, diversity
    antonyms: uniformity, stability, similarity, stagnation, conformity
    usage: however, our ancestors concluded that the vicissitude could be corrected by better government. (source: patriot post)
  • Upbraid
    pronunciation: uhp-breyds
    meaning: express criticism towardss
    synonyms: admonish, berate, chide, blame, reams
    antonyms: approve, forgive, laud, compliment, praise
    usage: approve, forgive, laud, compliment, praise
  • Vilify
    pronunciation: vil-uh-fahy
    meaning: spread negative information about
    synonyms: defame, malign, mistreat, jinx, slander
    antonyms: favour, glorify, laud, exalt, praise
    usage: the pair have since been vilified for their actions and have been accused of being “spiteful”. (source: belfast telegraph)
  • Desiccate
    pronunciation: des-i-keyts
    meaning: lacking vitality or spirit; lifeless; to dry thoroughly
    synonyms: preserve, dehydrate, keep, divest, drain
    antonyms: dampen, grow, moisten, expand, soak
    usage: as an organic farmer, he couldn’t use a chemical to desiccate the wheat, and it’s highly unlikely the rabbi would have allowed it anyway. (source: ew york times)
  • Smitheeens
    pronunciation: smith-uh-reenz
    meaning: a collection of small fragments considered as a whole
    synonyms: chunk, atom, crumb, iota, fraction
    antonyms: entire, total, lot, whole, complete
    usage: two main classrooms were “smashed to smithereens”, with the school swimming pool caved in and tennis courts destroyed. (source: waikato times)
  • Whimper
    pronunciation: hwim-per, wim
    meaning: to cry with low, plaintive, broken sounds
    synonyms: moan, weep, blubber, fuss, snivel
    antonyms: bawl, bark, clamor, shriek, rout
    usage: the broadcast media law ended with a whimper yesterday but there was still time for a last tussle in congress (source: buenos aires herald)
  • Enthrall
    pronunciation: en-thrawl
    meaning: hold spellbound
    synonyms: beguile, bewitch, enchant, intrigue, rivet
    antonyms: bore, disgust, incite, repel, liberate
    usage: it was his oratory, imbedded with moral values of mankind, that did enthrall not only the senior students but also the primary class’ kids (source:
  • Catastrophic
    pronunciation: kat-uh-strof-ik
    meaning: of the nature of a catastrophe, or disastrous event
    synonyms: calamitous, cataclysmic, disastrous, fatal, ruinous, tragic
    antonyms: calamitous, cataclysmic, disastrous, fatal, ruinous, tragic
    usage: a latvian farm worker driving in scotland for the first time killed a perthshire father in a “catastrophic” collision (source: bbc news)
  • Zenith
    pronunciation: zee-nith or zen-ith
    meaning: the culminating-point of prosperity, influence, or greatness.
    Synonyms: acme, apex, apogee, pinnacle, summit
    antonyms: acme, apex, apogee, pinnacle, summit
    usage: modern times, released on april 2, 1981, represents the zenith of the brief heavier-rocking period between jefferson starship‘s marty balin era (source:
  • Zealot
    pronunciation: zel-uh t
    meaning: one who espouses a cause or pursues an object in an immoderately partisan manner.
    Synonyms: activist, diehard, fanatic, radical, militant
    antonyms: conservative, moderate, balanced, cautious, gentle
    usage: iran is bolstering its key ally syria by sending a paramilitary force full of zealot student soldiers fiercely loyal to the islamic republic (source: daily caller)
  • Writhe
    pronunciation: rahyth
    meaning: to twist the body, face, or limbs or as in pain or distress.
    Synonyms: wince, wiggle, agonize, distort, suffer
    antonyms: straighten, uncoil, align, uncurl, unravel
    usage: the prawns are seen wriggling and writhing on the skewers, which are placed on a plate on the table. (source: the sun)
  • Wizen
    pronunciation: wiz-uh n; wee-zuh n
    meaning: to become or cause to become withered or dry.
    Synonyms: divest, drain, parch, wither, devitalize
    antonyms: fill, grow, expand, moisturize, soak
    usage: after they chewed through my carpet, i started to wizen up. (source: top dog tips)
  • Witticism
    pronunciation: wit-uh-siz-uh m
    meaning: a witty, brilliant, or original saying or sentiment.
    Synonyms: gibe, gag, jest, pun, sally
    antonyms: dullness, gravity, seriousness, sobriety, solemnity, stolidity, stupidity
    usage: that witticism leaps to mind as the economics world gushes over india’s new central bank head urjit patel. (source: barron’s)
  • Vincible
    pronunciation: vin-suh-buh l
    meaning: conquerable.
    Synonyms: conquerable, vulnerable, vanquishable, surmountable, indefensible
    antonyms: unconquerable, defendable, indomitable, invincible, insurmountable
    usage: the core of the team also is the same as the one that proved all too vincible last year. (source: sporting news)


  1. Vignette
    pronunciation: vin-yet
    meaning: a picture having a background or that is shaded off gradually.
    Synonyms: sketch, picture, illustration, portrait, depiction
    antonyms: original, real, camouflage, substantive, landscape
    usage: every olympic closing ceremony features a small vignette made by the next host city to get people. (source: sb nation)
  2. Vertigo
    pronunciation: vur-ti-goh
    meaning: dizziness
    synonyms: giddiness, lightheadedness, abscess, wooziness, instability
    antonyms: stability, penetration, gravity, clear-headed, languid
    usage: he can be seen twirling at high speed at the very edge of the roof – which might make those suffering from vertigo want to look away. (source: rt)
  3. Usurp
    pronunciation: yoo-surp, -zurp
    meaning: to take possession of by force.
    Synonyms: take over, seize, confiscate, expropriate, annex
    antonyms: relinquish, surrender, accede, acquiesce, resign
    usage: opponents argue that such an approach would usurp states’ rights and create an unneeded new layer of bureaucracy. (source: baltimore sun)
  4. Undulate
    pronunciation: uhn-juh-leyt
    meaning: to move like a wave or in waves.
    Synonyms: roll, wave, ripple, swing, oscillate
    antonyms: peaceful, smooth, serene, flat, stick
    usage: the krall swarm looks absolutely fantastic, the way the ships undulate and move like they are almost alive is wonderfully creepy. (source: redshirts always die)
  5. Tyranny
    pronunciation: tir-uh-nee
    meaning: absolute power arbitrarily or unjustly administrated.
    Synonyms: despotism, dictatorship, autocracy, monocracy, autarchy
    antonyms: democracy, republic, liberty, autonomy, compassion
    usage: majoritarian governments were often thought of as being characterised by the tyranny of the numbers (source:kathmandu post)
  6. Turgid
    pronunciation: tur-jid
    meaning: swollen
    synonyms: tumid, inflated, bombastic, tumescent , bloated
    antonyms: deflated, decreased, diminished, contracted, chapfallen
    usage: returning griezmann fails to inspire turgid visitors. (source: fourfourtwo)
  7. Trepidation
    pronunciation: trep-i-dey-shuh
    meaning: nervous uncertainty of feeling.
    Synonyms: perturbation, uneasiness, agitation, dismay, anxiety
    antonyms: calm, equanimity, contentment, assurance, peace
    usage: maybe they will encounter other muslims with less fear, trepidation and, just perhaps, with more friendliness. (source: bucks county courier times)
  8. Transgress
    pronunciation: trans-gres
    meaning: to break a law.
    Synonyms: infringe, violate, trespass, disobey, contravene
    antonyms: comply, acquiesce, comply, acquire, obey
    usage: the officers should be careful not to transgress human rights. (source: the hindu)
  9. Tranquilize
    pronunciation: trang-kwuh-lahyz
    meaning: to soothe.
    Synonyms: soothe, pacify, appease, sedate, sedate,
    antonyms: agitate, incite, commove, perturb, foment
    usage: a buffalo that ran amok near medical college here on monday was shot dead as the authorities concerned failed to tranquilize it. (source: times of india)
  10. Sybarite
    pronunciation: sib-uh-rahyt
    meaning: a luxurious person.
    Synonyms: hedonist, epicurean, gourmet, bon vivant, wanton
    antonyms: puritan, ascetic, prude, austere, spartan
    usage: at the top of the list: the duck-fat burger at sybarite pig in boca raton. (source: new times broward-palm beach)
  11. Swarthy
    pronunciation: swawr-th ee
    meaning: having a dark hue, especially a dark or sunburned complexion
    synonyms: raven, ebony, dusky, sable, brunet
    antonyms: blond, luminous, pallid, pasty, bright
    usage: terrorist was 29-year-old islamic radical,” shrieked tmz’s headline, accompanied by a photo of the swarthy killer. (source: mic)
  12. Surreptitious
    pronunciation: sur-uh p-tish-uh s
    meaning: clandestine
    synonyms: stealthy, covert, secretive, concealed, sneak
    antonyms: honest, overt, evident, apparent, unconcealed
    usage: the ceo of first in dallas offered up a large conference room and some office space to our bank for a surreptitious conduct of the examination (source: banking exchange)
  13. Subterfuge
    pronunciation: suhb-ter-fyooj
    meaning: evasion
    synonyms: artifice, deception, wile, maneuver, deceit
    antonyms: honesty, openness, artlessness, bluntness, disbursement
    usage: but the court rightly dismissed those arguments, finding them to be mere subterfuge in an effort to block women from getting abortions. (source: norwich bulletin)
  14. Subservience
    pronunciation: suh b-sur-vee-uh nt
    meaning: the quality, character, or condition of being servilely following another’s behests
    synonyms: servility, obedience, subjection, docility, humility
    antonyms: domination, obstinacy, sovereignty , arrogance, balkiness
    usage: ordinary people can defeat the right, but doing so will require ending our subservience to the democratic party (source: jacobin magazine)
  15. Suave
    pronunciation: swahv
    meaning: smooth and pleasant in manner.
    Synonyms: urbane, unctuous, courteous, debonair, gracious
    antonyms: gawky, awkward, inelegant, acidulous, brusque
    usage: the portuguese coach looked suave in a suit as he headed out to his car before being driven away (source:
  16. Stratagem
    pronunciation: strat-uh-juh m
    meaning: any clever trick or device for obtaining an advantage.
    Synonyms: artifice, dodge, manoeuvre, wile, intrigue
    antonyms: counsel, artlessness, advocate, caution, advise
    usage: there is also one other gaping flaw in smith’s grand stratagem. (source: daily mail)
  17. Stolid
    pronunciation: stol-id
    meaning: expressing no power of feeling or perceiving.
    Synonyms: phlegmatic, doltish, stoical, apathetic, indifferent
    antonyms: vivacious, fervent, exuberant, sagacious, mawkish
    usage: no matter how freewheeling the music, though, gunn kept a stolid, even stern expression and generally low profile while he played. (source: the quietus)
  18. Somniferous
    pronunciation: som-nif-er-uh s
    meaning: tending to produce sleep.
    Synonyms: soporific, somnific, somnolent, drowsy, slumberous
    antonyms: simulative, awakening, invigorating, refreshing, reviving
    usage: ms. Schwend’s play “the other thing,” at second stage uptown last year, turned thrilling after a somniferous first half (source: new york times)
  19. Sluggard
    pronunciation: sluhg-erd
    meaning: a person habitually lazy or idle
    synonyms: lazybones, slouch, dawdler, fainéant , slacker
    antonyms: hummer, hustler, rustler, highflier, toiler
    usage: does it really make players, particularly your sluggard, moping millennial, go out and get some sunshine and exercise? (source: long beach press telegram)
  20. Geniality
    pronunciation: jeen-yuh li-tee
    meaning: warmth and kindliness of disposition
    synonyms: cordiality, amiability, affability, bonhomie, benevolence
    antonyms: discourtesy, grumpiness, incivility, aloofness, asperity
    usage: but while his geniality and ability both seem nearly endless, the met and mr. Nézet-séguin would do well (source: new york times)
  21. Gibe
    pronunciation: jahyb
    meaning: to utter taunts or reproaches
    synonyms: sarcasm, swipe, derision, taunt, sneer
    antonyms: admire, applause, laud, approve, endorse
    usage: mr. Trump’s campaign did not respond to questions about its social media director’s gibe at mr. Ryan (source: cnbc)
  22. Glutinous
    pronunciation: gloot-n-uh s
    meaning: sticky
    synonyms: viscid, viscous, mucilaginous, gelatinous, clammy
    antonyms: capricious, fluent, non-adhesive, baffling, erratic
    usage: the pulut udang is made from only two ingredients; glutinous rice with a filling of spicy dried shrimps. (source: malay mail online)
  23. Gourmand
    pronunciation: goo r-mahnd
    meaning: a connoisseur in the delicacies of the table.
    Synonyms: epicure, gourmet, glutton, connoisseur, bon vivant
    antonyms: muncher, nibbler, blamer, consumer, eroder
    usage: people who had psychosomatic complaints were probably malingering
  24. Grotesque
    pronunciation: groh-tesk
    meaning: incongruously composed or ill-proportioned
    synonyms: bizarre, outlandish, queer, freakish, ludicrous
    antonyms: aesthetic, classy, bonny, comely, elegant
    usage: during the pro-life event, a local satanist group arrived and conducted a disturbingly grotesque counter-protest. (source:
  25. Harangue
    pronunciation: huh-rang
    meaning: a tirade
    synonyms: screed, spiel, oration, jeremiad, hassle, exhortation
    antonyms: tribute, homage, eulogy, citation, accolade
    usage: in the digital age, what would matter was crudeness of the harangue. (source: miami herald)
  26. Emulate
    pronunciation: em-yuh-lit
    meaning: imitate with effort to equal or surpass
    synonyms: imitate, mimic, compete, mirror, echo
    antonyms: derive, jostle, neglect , repulse, transfer
    usage: ahmed musa wants to emulate former arsenal striker nwankwo kanu ahead of his debut premier league campaign with leicester. (souce:
  27. Fanatical
    pronunciation: fuh-nat-i-kuh l
    meaning: motivated or characterized by an extreme
    synonyms: zealot, extremist, freak, radical, bigot
    antonyms: cynic, apostate, passionless, moderate, temperate
    usage: thunder evens series with more physical, fanatical approach. (source:
  28. Mellifluous
    pronunciation: muh-lif-loo-uh s
    meaning: sweet-sounding
    synonyms: dulcet, mellow, honeyed, melodic, lyrical
    antonyms: jarring, blatant, grating, coarse, gruff
    usage: audiences were spellbound by mellifluous singing of bhajans presented at the katha (source: free press journal)
  29. Delectable
    pronunciation: dih-lek-tuh-buh l
    meaning: delightful
    synonyms: delicious, scrumptious, ambrosial, savory, dainty
    antonyms: offensive, repulsive, unpleasant, distasteful, unsavory
    usage: symphony in c is a delectable degustation of a ballet, with each rich course immensely satisfying in itself (source:
  30. Sumptuous
    pronunciation: suhmp-choo-uh s
    meaning: entailing great expense
    synonyms: luxurious, lavish, opulent, magnificent, palatial
    antonyms: ascetic, austere, destitute, impoverished, abstinent
    usage: young certainly made the most of the music’s variety, whether it was diaphanously light or rich and sumptuous (source: the guardian)
  31. Abscond
    pronunciation: ab-skond
    meaning: run away
    synonyms: flee, skedaddle, depart, scram, elope
    antonyms: abide, yield, endure, dwell, adhere
    usage: petronijevic added that the serbian government had provided guarantees that karadzic would not abscond. (source: balkan insight)
  32. Inveigh
    pronunciation: in-vey
    meaning: complain bitterly
    synonyms: object, berate, declaim, scold, censure
    antonyms: flatter, praise, acclaim, cajole, idolize
    usage: politicians who inveigh against corruption in countries where it’s chronic will lose credibility (source: reuters uk)
  33. Arrant
    pronunciation: ar-uh nt
    meaning: without qualification
    synonyms: utter, flagrant, absolute, gross, unmitigated
    antonyms: jejune, defective, mitigated, conditional, contingent
    usage: no wonder why frederick douglass thought the socialists were speaking arrant nonsense. (source: reason)
  34. Assiduous
    pronunciation: uh-sij-oo-uh s
    meaning: marked by care and persistent effort
    synonyms: industrious, sedulous, diligent, indefatigable, laborious
    antonyms: latent, quiescent, inoperative, inactive, adventitious
    usage: no wonder, then, that the maori party is the most assiduous anti-smoking legislator in parliament. (source: new zealand herald)
  35. Impassive
    pronunciation: im-pas-iv
    meaning: having or revealing little emotion or sensibility
    synonyms: stolid, phlegmatic, deadpan, callous, stoic
    antonyms: fervent, passionate, expressive, fiery, effusive
    usage: it’s an interesting cross-section of people and situations, mostly presented to the reader in impassive but well-detailed fashion (source: deccan herald)
  36. Tractable
    pronunciation: trak-tuh-buh l
    meaning: easily managed
    synonyms: compliant, docile, pliant, ductile, obedient
    antonyms: headstrong, defiant, mulish, obdurate, balky
    usage: mr obama has sometimes entertained the hope that the deal might strengthen moderates in tehran and make iran a more tractable partner. (source: the economist)
  37. Facsimile
    pronunciation: fak-sim-uh-lee
    meaning: an exact copy or reproduction
    synonyms: replica, imitation, clone, dupe, counterpart
    antonyms: aboriginal, archetype, paradigm, prototype
    usage: yet while all for one avoids smoking wreck status, it nonetheless feels like a facsimile of a facsimile. (source: irish independent)
  38. Precarious
    pronunciation: pri-kair-ee-uh s
    meaning: dependent on circumstances beyond one’s control
    synonyms: perilous, dubious, unstable, insecure, ticklish
    antonyms: certain, stable, assured, confirmed, conclusive
    usage: the 24-year-old works 20 hours a week at pearson as a passenger service agent, a precarious job that earns her $12.75 an hour. (source: toronto star)
  39. Torpor
    pronunciation: tawr-per
    meaning: inactivity resulting from lethargy and lack of vigor or energy
    synonyms: languor, inertia, sloth, lassitude, stupor
    antonyms: vibrancy, vigor, animation, liveliness, dynamism
    usage: after the torpor of van gaal anybody – or any style of football – is likely to be more enjoyable (source: the guardian)
  40. Aggrandize
    pronunciation: uh-gran-dahyz
    meaning: make appear better or greater (in power, wealth, quality, etc.) Than reality
    synonyms: magnify, extend, expand, amplify, augment
    antonyms: degrade, lower, debase, abate, diminish
    usage: not only do we aggrandize entrepreneurs who simply look and act the part and claim moral outrage when they fail to deliver the goods (source: fortune)
  41. Antediluvian
    pronunciation: an-tee-di-loo-vee-uh n
    meaning: of or relating to the period before the biblical flood
    synonyms: ancient, antiquated, archaic, primitive, primordial
    antonyms: contemporary, modernistic, modern, up-to-date, present-day
    usage: his antediluvian tea was basically a laxative dressed up in a teabag. (source: boing boing)
  42. Bedizen
    pronunciation: bih-dahy-zuh n
    meaning: decorate tastelessly
    synonyms: adorn, dandify, emblazon, beautify, ornament
    antonyms: blemish, darken, stain, taint, deface
    usage: naturally, the whole cabin is bedizen with oled technology, including a further development of audi’s virtual cockpit (source: carscoops)
  43. Blandishment
    pronunciation: blan-dish-muh nt
    meaning: flattery intended to persuade
    synonyms: cajolery, flattery, adulation, wheedling, sycophancy
    antonyms: repulsion, affront, criticism, dig, aversion
    usage: since these feudal lords soon grew well accustomed to the blandishment that sprouted from their acquaintances. (source: huffington post)
  44. Bucolic
    pronunciation: byoo-kol-ik
    meaning: relating to shepherds or herdsmen or devoted to raising sheep or cattle
    synonyms: pastoral, rustic, arcadian, campestral, provincial
    antonyms: urban, metropolitan, civic, refined, cosmopolitan
    usage: your self-professed ‘bucolic socialist’ style bring to mind the likes of jean-jacques rousseau. (source: the independent)
  45. Canard
    pronunciation: kuh-nahrd
    meaning: a deliberately misleading fabrication
    synonyms: rumor, fabrication, falsity, hoax, bruit
    antonyms: verity, reality, actuality, veracity, authenticity
    usage: the canard upon which he based his campaign was that jews were planning to destroy or take over muslim holy sites. (source: committee for accuracy in middle east reporting in america)
  46. Compendium
    pronunciation: kuh m-pen-dee-uh m
    meaning: a concise but comprehensive summary of a larger work
    synonyms: summary, epitome, abridgment, abstract, précis
    antonyms: broadening, salubrious, elongate, extension, exposition
    usage: that should not occlude the fact the olympics is a compendium of everything that is awful about sports. (source: the big lead)
  47. Denouement
    pronunciation: dey-noo-mahn
    meaning: the outcome of a complex sequence of events
    synonyms: conclusion, outcome, solution, consummation, culmination
    antonyms: success, embark, actuate, advent, commence
    usage: staving off several break points as he served for the title in a denouement he described as “the hardest game of life” (source: the new indian express)
  48. Encomium
    pronunciation: en-koh-mee-uh m
    meaning: a formal expression of praise
    synonyms: panegyric, eulogy, tribute, commendation, paean
    antonyms: rebuke, admonition, reprimand, censure, denunciation
    usage: you shouldn’t repose your trust on the industrialists who shower encomium on you (source: business standard)
  49. Erudite
    pronunciation: er-yoo-dahyt
    meaning: having or showing profound knowledge
    synonyms: learned, scholarly, profound, enlightened, highbrow
    antonyms: uneducated, benighted, uncultured, fatuous, uninstructed
    usage: the students found it difficult to follow the erudite lecture. (source: the hindu)
  50. Filibuster
    pronunciation: fil-uh-buhs-ter
    meaning: a legislator who gives long speeches in an effort to delay or obstruct legislation that he (or she) opposes
    synonyms: procrastination, hindrance, corsair, stall, linger
    antonyms: catalyst, impetus, incentive, progression, expedition
    usage: hillary clinton filibustered legislation to reform fannie and freddie mae – institutions at the center of the great recession (source: politifact)
  51. Fracas
    pronunciation: frey-kuh s
    meaning: noisy quarrel
    synonyms: brawl, affray, donnybrook, rumpus, tumult
    antonyms: peace, harmony, amity, compromise, concord
    usage: eleven people arrested during a fracas at epsom downs racecourse after saturday’s derby have been bailed. (source: bbc news)
  52. Gossamer
    pronunciation: gos-uh-mer
    meaning: characterized by unusual lightness and delicacy
    synonyms: diaphanous, sheer, delicate, flimsy, ethereal
    antonyms: coarse, massive, ponderous, rugged, anaerobic
    usage: if you don’t know the deft and gossamer music of bryn harrison, this album would be a beautiful place to start. (source: the guardian)
  53. Heterodox
    pronunciation: het-er-uh-doks
    meaning: characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards
    synonyms: dissident, heretical, nonconformist, unorthodox, iconoclastic
    antonyms: agnostic, devout, mainstream, nonsectarian, orthodox
    usage: it’s not just taxes where trump betrays his heterodox rhetoric to embrace unpopular, orthodox conservative policy. (source: vox)
  54. Imprecation
    pronunciation: im-pri-key-shuh n
    meaning: a slanderous accusation
    synonyms: curse, malediction, oath, fulmination, blasphemy
    antonyms: blessing, benediction, benison, anoint, commendation
    usage: feelings flow like molten lava. The dialogue overflows with edgy wit and acidulous arias of imprecation (source:
  55. Inchoate
    pronunciation: in-koh-it
    meaning: only partly in existence; imperfectly formed
    synonyms: incipient, embryonic, rudimentary, amorphous, inceptive
    antonyms: developed, advanced, abounding, acatalectic, admirable
    usage: an idea, however inchoate, is in the air in hanoi – and the government would very much like to see the concept grow. (source: huffington post)
  56. Insipid
    pronunciation: in-sip-id
    meaning: lacking taste, flavor or tang
    synonyms: vapid, tedious, prosaic, jejune, banal
    antonyms: delicious, poignant, savory, piquant, palatable
    usage: in one of the most insipid liberal campaigns since john hewson’s fightback, a double dissolution election was called over union corruption. (source: the australian)
  57. Irresolute
    pronunciation: ih-rez-uh-loot
    meaning: uncertain how to act or proceed
    synonyms: vacillating, uncertain, indecisive, indefinite, unsteady
    antonyms: vacillating, uncertain, indecisive, indefinite, unsteady
    usage: but a u.s. president threatening nations that don’t comply doesn’t advance u.s. interests; it makes us seem bullying and irresolute (source: the san diego union-tribune)
  58. Juggernaut
    pronunciation: juhg-er-nawt
    meaning: a massive inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way
    synonyms: steamroller, barrage, cavalcade, monster, blitz
    antonyms: surrender, subjugate, withstand, succumb, acquiesce
    usage: wasps back row juggernaut nathan hughes has been called up to train with england this week for the first time. (source:
  59. Lambaste
    pronunciation: lam-beyst
    meaning: censure severely or angrily
    synonyms: thrash, lash, pummel, wallop, scourge
    antonyms: extol, compliment, laud, bless, applaud
    usage: west tisbury residents lambaste film festival land deal. (source: martha’s vineyard times)
  60. Obsequious
    pronunciation: uh b-see-kwee-uh s
    meaning: attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery
    synonyms: servile, sycophantic, fawning, subservient, cringing
    antonyms: arrogant, assertive, disobedient, rebellious, defiant
    usage: josh jeffers is simply terrific as the obsequious and put upon malvolio. (source: greenville news)
  61. Opprobrium
    pronunciation: uh-proh-bree-uh m
    meaning: a state of extreme dishonor
    synonyms: disgrace, infamy, obloquy, odium, ignominy
    antonyms: admiration, repute, appreciation, notoriety, adoration
    usage: social opprobrium is fairly effective at shaming bigots into curtailing or even, in some cases, rethinking their opinions. (source: salon)
  62. Overweening
    pronunciation: oh-ver-wee-ning
    meaning: unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings
    synonyms: haughty, presumptuous, conceited, uppity, insolent
    antonyms: modest, demure, meek, mousy, restrained
    usage: george osborne had many failings, but perhaps his greatest was an overweening self-belief. (source: the times)
  63. Patois
    pronunciation: pah-twah
    meaning: a characteristic language of a particular group
    synonyms: argot, dialect, jargon, lingo, vernacular
    antonyms: standard, literary, colloquial, customary, conventional
    usage: in local patois, bangla refers to country liquor, a fact that has caused much mirth on social media. (source: the quint)
  64. Pellucid
    pronunciation: puh-loo-sid
    meaning: transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity
    synonyms: transparent, limpid, clear, crystalline, see-through
    antonyms: cryptic, foggy, incomprehensible, indefinite, nebulous
    usage: girls walk around with pellucid plastic covering the fresh ink on their reddened skin. (source: irish independent)
  65. Puissant
    pronunciation: pyoo-uh-suh nt
    meaning: powerful
    synonyms: potent, mighty, vigorous, strong, energetic
    antonyms: impotent, helpless, convivial, feeble, impuissant
    usage: france had suddenly grown to her full stature; like the contemporary england of john milton, she was become a ” noble and puissant nation, rousing herself like a strong man after sleep. (source:
  66. Qualm
    pronunciation: kwahm
    meaning: uneasiness about the fitness of an action
    synonyms: misgiving, scruple, uncertainty, demur, queasiness
    antonyms: confidence, certitude, assuredness, brashness, constancy
    usage: the poison is killing them but they are willing to swallow it without a slight qualm (source: eastern mirror)

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